Dennis Jarman

Full time downtrodden album/gig reviewer and part time rock God!

HOST-IX-Album Review-Planetmosh

Some collaborations work, some don’t work (sorry Lars!), but HOST make theirs work as they release their album IX via Nuclear Blast Records. It’s a synth -pop side project by Nick Holmes and Greg Mackintosh from Paradise Lost that is “Taking the concept of what we attempted to do on …

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Black Coast-Chains-Single Review-Planetmosh

Stoke-On-Trent based ear bruisers Black Coast return with a bang as latest single ‘Chains’ bangs the head that does not bang! As per usual their songs always contain a message, point proven by a clarion call of ‘Chains’ being “About escaping everything, getting away and feeling like the weight of …

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Enslaved-Heimdal-Album Review-Planetmosh

Splice the mainbrace and set sail to your local music shop for Heimdal, the brand new sixteenth studio album from Enslaved! Formed in Haugesund, Norway in 1991, by Ivar Bjornsen and Grutle K Jellson, the only sole constant band members. Their music draws heavily on the Viking cultural and religious …

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Acrolyth-Perspective-Single Review-Planetmosh

Even though I’m fast reaching sixty years old I’m always looking for new bands to impress me and Acrolyth have easily done this with their overwhelming, recently released on all streaming platforms debut single ‘Perspective’. It’s all tumultuous technical death metal at its Hellishly heavy best. Driven by intense snare …

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Those Damn Crows-Inhale/Exhale-Album Review-Planetmosh

Point Of No Return, the second album by Bridgend based Those Damn Crows released in 2020 is very apt with its title considering they’ve kept on breaking down doors resulting in their Inhale/Exhale third album recently released via Earache Records. These ten tracks see them hone their craft of musicianship …

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The Miser-Memento Mori-EP Review-Planetmosh

Welcome back to The Miser who pile on the misery since forming in 2014 with recently released, brand spanking new EP Memento Mori. These five tracks challenge your opinions as it focuses around themes of mental health, horror and loss. It’s not an easy listen, but a very rewarding one! …

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