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On 26 April 2024
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Vanitas release 'Lies', a brand new single to melt your ears!

Following on from the behemoth ‘Grey Morality’ single, Birmingham based noisemongers Vanitas return with thought provoking new single ‘Lies’, a feminine anthem exploring the idea of weaponised incompetence and acting as a rallying cry for women everywhere to express their anger at the patriarchy! It’s a myriad of mindboggling time changes that provide a musical palette for lead vocalist Jade Maris to unleash her prowess cleanly and also gut wrenchingly heavy. Riffs dazzle as well as pummel around insane snare and kick drum ferocity, but the spotlight is stolen by an earth moving breakdown midway to wrap up three minutes of thought provoking metal.

‘Lies’ sees Vanitas bring their unique blend of progressive metal and djent with orchestral elements that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Final Fantasy soundtrack to portray the intensity of the message within choruses of “Lies, you shackle all my pride, reduced to just a bride. I wanna move, I wanna feel the light and claim the space that’s mine!”.

Vanitas band info is here :- /

Vanitas band personnel :-

Jade Maris – Lead Vocals.

Mitchell Barlow – Guitar.

Elijah Storer – Guitar.

Jon Willingham – Bass Guitar.

Jackson Cann – Drums.

Vanitas release 'Lies', a brand new single to melt your ears!

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