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Carl Phelan – Flyleaf Spreads Their Wings [book]

Do you like the band Flyleaf? Do you like to read? Here’s something made with you in mind! Flyleaf Spreads Their Wings, a digital edition of which was offered three months ago for review, is about the “Christian but not Christian” band Flyleaf, who is currently apparently on hiatus. The …

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Bible of Butchery: Cannibal Corpse, The Official Biography

What can be said of Cannibal Corpse, Metal Blade Records and Brian Slagel‘s “biggest-selling death metal band of all time”? (pp. 149) This five-piece American extreme metal band has accumulated career highs usually only available to rock bands: full-production music videos, boxed set sales, even a cameo in a blockbuster …

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ZZTop Biography, Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers.

@Planetmosh  @FormanDave @ZZTop @NeilDanielsBks   As author Neil Daniels say’s in the book “Beer drinkers and Hell raisers , is not a biography per-se, rather as the subtitle suggests, a fans’ handbook; a guide to their history and music“. I found it to be very historically ( musically ) informative, telling of the early …

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