ZZTop Biography, Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers.

Book by Neil Daniels:
Neil Daniels

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On 11 April 2014
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If you like ZZTop, this book is for you!

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As author Neil Daniels say’s in the book “Beer drinkers and Hell raisers , is not a biography per-se, rather as the subtitle suggests, a fans’ handbook; a guide to their history and music“. I found it to be very historically ( musically ) informative, telling of the early pre-ZZtop which didn’t form up until around the end of 1969 ( allegedly )!! Then moving on to give a very in-depth anthology of the group and the individuals who make up this Texas band.

Too be honest, I’m not much of a book worm really, but it was a pleasurable enough read full of interesting information for the ardent fan to digest. You’ll find lots of ‘BIG’ name dropping in this book, which isn’t really surprising with such an illustrious musical carrier as theirs. If you can name them, you’ll most likely find them in here, from Jimi Hendricks to Muddy Waters. Plus pretty much everyone else in between!

The book is absolutely stuffed with more facts, figures and information about ZZTop than you could get with an encyclopedia Britannica (which is hard to beat)! In all it’s a good, fair priced book I’m sure will be in quite a few Christmas stockings.

If you like ZZTop, this book is for you!

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