ZZTOP La Futura cd

“That Little Ol’ Band from Texas” ZZTOP are back with their first full length record in nine years, Four of the new tracks—“I Gotsta Get Paid,” “Chartreuse,” “Consumption,” and “Over You”—debuted June 5th 2012 as an iTunes-only collection entitled ‘Texicali’. ’I Gotsta Get Paid’ was also featured in the film Battleship.

Billy Gibbons said in the press release. “We wanted to recall the directness of our early stuff but not turn our backs on contemporary technology, the result of this blending of the past and the present is, of course, La Futura.”

The trio’s first album in nine years sidesteps the snappier hit-making formula of Eighties million-sellers like Eliminator in favor of the harder-edged sound of their earlier work.

“I Gotsta Get Paid” opens up the new album and is a growling rocker full of chunky rhythms and hot guitar licks that places the song squarely in a Tres Hombres mood.

From there it’s a trip back into ‘Fandango!’ territory for the shuffling and extremely catchy ‘Chartreuse’

‘Consumption’ has Frank tub- thumping like there’s no tomorrow, clearly he’s relishing the chance to play some fast drum beats while Billy delivers short, sharp chords turning this into a down and dirty track.

‘Over You,’ is the first of the albums ballads, which has Gibbons crooning in his straightforward laidback manner. I was expecting a horn section to add depth to this track, but it never materialized, and is all the better for it, la future indeed.

This is followed by ‘Heartache In Blue’, which also has a slow beat, however great background vocals and a nice catchy riff lifts the song.

‘ I don’t Wanna Lose you’ has a nice catchy chorus you can’t help but sing along to, add some subtle guitar work and this is just made for radio.

We kick up the pace again with’ Flying High’ which has a near perfect ZZtop riff as your every going to get, couple with the albums best guitar solo, and it’s a winner.

‘It’s So Easy Manana’ slows everything right down again, making me curl my face up in frustration, While the slower blues ballads are nice, there are too many on this record for my liking.

‘Big Shiny Nine’ and ‘Have a Little Mercy’ round off the album, with the latter taking the slow road, again.

While equally Brilliant and frustrating at times, ZZ Top have made a spectacular return to the world of rock and roll with La Futura , and it looks like it’s going to be another hit for Billy, Dusty and Frank.

However, I can’t help thinking that they should record some more balls out southern rock 7/10


1. I Gotsta Get Paid

2. Chartreuse

3. Consumption

4. Over You

5. Heartache in Blue

6. I Dont Wanna Lose Lose You

7. Flyin High

8. Its Too Easy Manana

9. Big Shiny Nine

10. Have a Little Mercy

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