Knight Fury – interview with guitarist Chris Sanders.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Chris Sanders, guitarist from Knight Fury for this interview.

We find out more about the band, their influences, debut album ‘Time to Rock’ , Chris gives us a quick track by track description of each track, what their plans are and so on.

Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time out to fill this email interview in for PM.

Hey There~ Thank you for taking the time to rock with me~  I look forward to this  and thank you for bring the band more into the fore front of Rock!

Can you please introduce the Knight Fury to the readers, please.

Knight Fury is based around the song writings of Chris Sanders (Lizzy Borden, London), David Ellefson of Megadeth is the Bassist on all the recordings. Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Impelliteri, House of Lords) is the Drummer. The lyrics and Voice of Knight Fury is William King. All Keyboards are preformed by Adam Emmons (Metal Knights).

How did you come up with the idea of the band?

I think at one point all musicians want there own band. I got tired of being the hired gun or playing other peoples music. I have a passion to play music that reflects who I am. I was writing the “Time to Rock” album the last year I was with Lizzy Bordom. It was a step above what I was doing there and needed a class of musicians above who I was working with at the time.  I needed to keep the music true to me and true to the metal.  The band name, the music all of it is what I believe to represent true metal to be.

How would you describe the Knight Fury style/sound.

Knight Fury is a very solid sound. It is versatile fitting between the hard rock and power metal themes.  The lyrical content suggests the same as well as a more modern role in music.

You produced “Time to Rock” your debut album last year by yourselves, what were the challenges in doing this and how did you overcome them?

I found the production to be the most flowing part of the process.  I shared my view to orient the other players involved and they knew where to go with the sound. I knew exactly how to track and record the individual tracks to achieve what I wanted. The execution was focused and direct. What I expected and nothing less.  The hardest part was I had to be there for every single part. We are talking hundreds of hours.  I think the guys knew what I had on my plate and they were also very accommodating. They knew the situation and believed in the music. This was a team effort regardless of who drove the ship.

Any memorable experiences that you would like to share!

Every day was a memory…or a challenge of some sort. 

It seemed like I was living in Spinal Tap for a while. Losing files, bad drives, power outages.  We managed to keep spirits up with stories of past days or bad jokes or political debate.

Looking back on it I’m smiling now….We had some moments, glad we got through them and we are still friends….lol

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with?

Yes. I start with an idea in my head. How does that make me feel? Where does that make me want to go with the music, what passion does it inspire…develop the rhythm from the feeling.  Then when I start playing it out I get a riff. I keep playing it till it rocks. You will know when you have a keeper…lol  I record all tracks in protools and continue to demo out the format for how I want the song to go. Once I am complete I will forward that with or without vocal melody to William King our singer and he will write lyrics and record vocals over the top.  When he is finished he sends it back to me and I will decide what stays and what goes.  It also helps me know where the vocals are going to extend over and where to have pauses, breaks and hold overs.

Why did you choose to release a vinyl edition of “Time To Rock“?

I love the idea of releases in all formats.  The support of Pure Steel Records on this and bringing it to reality has been a great support to us. We stand with them and they back us. I believe that it is something that every fan can take home and always have in hand. It makes a wonderful gift and a great item to sign.  We look forward to continued runs of vinyl.

Can you please give us a track by track description of “Time To Rock”

The entire album is about overcoming evil and dark forces. Its about kicking ass no matter what you are up against. When you feel there is nothing left…Keep fighting to good fight.

Nothing LeftTop notch vocal performance. Top single on album and epic song writing.  

AttackFastest tempo on album. Incredible drumming and double bass. Soaring vocals.           

ForbiddenNumber 1 single on album. Epic sound, power chorus.               

Battle for the CastleA song for the Festivals. Best guitar solo’s of recent time.                  

Awaken Straight forward non stop rock.  Hard hitting   

The MessageClassic opening riff.  Great duel lead guitar solo.

Endless Night –  Harmony vocals building into power chorus. Epic guitar solo.                     

Out on Your Own Powerful and epic song about hardship and struggle.                  

Believe The ballad on the album. Find out what u believe and stand for it.             

Time to Rock A Party song to complete the album. Get off your feet here.

Do you have a favourite track? If so, why?

They all represent a different part of my life and will forever be what they are….Facets in a crown.

The album is the real jewel here. That is what we want people to remember. There is a song on the album for every one. Yes, one song has my favourite guitar solo, another my favourite melody.  They will always be treasures~

Do you have any all time favourite album or songs?

For myself my favourite albums are Diary of a Madman, Number of the Beast, Maximum Security, Soldiers Under Command, and anything from the band Avantasia~

What is planned next for you guys?

Knight Fury is finishing up the 2nd album.  We are pushing the envelope even more and developing our sound more about where we want to go with things.  It is a truly great sound and very true to who we are. Metal all the way!

Any messages you would like to pass on to the readers.

Thank you so much for taking to time to Rock with Knight Fury. Your support means the world to us and helps keep metal alive. Find us on facebook or visit where we can send signed CDs of the American release.

Always Believe~ Thank you, Chris

Thank you to Chris for taking the time to filling this in.





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