BULLET interview with Hampus Klang

I caught up with Hampus Klang, lead guitarist from Bullet for a interview .

Firstly, lets go back to 2001, what made you form Bullet as a band, were you all playing in the local scene in Sweden at the time?

I was playing every day for many hours with different bands during this time. I played with Hypnosia, Birdflesh, Jigsore Terror and Bullet.

I started to play heavy metal covers with Hell Hofer back in 1996, we tried to do our own songs but they were too crappy. At the end of 2001 we started the band with new members and only our own songs. We were heading for the top!!

Did you know what the Bullet sound was going to be right from the start, or was it developed over a period of time?

We never talked about how we should sound or look. It was so natural for us to have rough vocals, long hair, leather jackets and studs.There’s of course a difference between ”Speeding in the night”  from 2002 compared to ”Full pull” in2012 but I think we have kept our heavy metal legacy well.

It took five years to get the debut album “Heading For The Top” released, how do you look back on that album now, anything you would have changed?

We recorded the ”Heavy metal highway” demo, and the ”Speeding in the night” mini album in 2002. After some label problems we said we wouldn’t release anything until we had a proper record deal. It took some time until we signed the deal with Black Lodge. I’m pretty satisfied with the songs and the recording but the mixing should have been more powerful.

I guess the breakthrough for you as a band was the release of “Bite The Bullet” back in 2008, which really made everyone sit up and take notice , what was it like to suddenly get all this media attention?

I agree, It was great to finally do a lot of touring and hear Bullet on radio. I think we did 120 shows on the Bite the bullet tour.

You make no secret of counting AC/DC as one of your musical heroes, and in 2010 you got to support them on the “Black Ice” tour in your home country, in front of 50,000 fans! It’s a silly question but did you enjoy it!?

It was like a dream come true, I almost dropped my phone when I got the message. The biggest crowd we played for before was 8,000 people so this was really much bigger. AC/DC will always be my heroes.

As we speak the new album “Full Pull” is released, a great album that I had the pleasure of reviewing. How long a process was the recording this time, long or short?

We recorded for a month, 8 hours every day. Were used to recording in our hometown so this was a big difference for us to live in Stockholm for a month. The mixing took 1 week.

You decided to bring in outside producers for this record, what was the thinking behind that decision?

We were very satisfied with the mixing Nicke did on the ”Bite the Bullet” album so we wanted to work with him. We thought it was time to try something new after 3 full length albums.

Nicke and Fred were the only guys we felt we could trust.

It’s quite a varied album in many ways, and yet you still manage to maintain that trademark Bullet sound, is the temptation there to try different styles of Metal?

Yeah I think we managed to make the songs varied without losing the Bullet trademark. Fred made us do some experiments with piano and acoustic guitars.

Your already planning to tour with the new material throughout mainland Europe over the coming months, are there any plans to cross the channel and play in the U.K.?

We have talked about doing a U.K tour but nothing is planned at the moment. It would be fun to open up for a big band in the U.K. Most of the shows we’ve done in the U.K have been at clubs.

You’ve accomplished a lot in the bands 11 year history, what still motivates you to get your music out there?

Same things as when we started, be against the society, bang your head, drink beer for breakfast, meet people and play live.

When does the writing process begin for the next album, have you any ideas floating around yet?

Don’t know yet, probably after this tour.  I have some ideas but I haven’t started to think about a new album as of yet.

As an AC/DC fan myself I must ask the question that every fan hates answering……Bon or Brian!?

Hmmm hard question. I prefer Bon he was such a character but Brian was a good replacement his voice is more powerful.

Finally, give those that are not yet familiar with Bullet a description of the band, it’s music and attitude.

A fat guy with curly hair that screams like a metal god, and some other guys dressed in leather jackets that like to bang their heads and drink beer! The music is heavily inspired by the heavy metal and rock n roll from the late 70s and early 80s.

Many thanks for your time, and we wish you all the best with the album release and forthcoming tour.

Thank you! Stay wild and see you on the tour! Bang your head forever!!!!!!


Bullet’s brand new album “Full Pull” is out now on Nuclear Blast.

Read my review of “Full Pull” click here





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