Dennis Jarman

Full time downtrodden album/gig reviewer and part time rock God!

Midnight-Let There Be Witchery-Album Review-Planetmosh.

Purchase links to the album and other band info are here :- I I I I I Midnight came early today, courtesy of Cleveland, Ohio based skull crushers Midnight. Formed in 2003 by Athenar, this one-man-band have just released their fifth studio album Let …

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Anvil-Ghost Shadow-Single Review-Planetmosh.

Pre-order purchase link for the Impact Is Imminent album and other band info are here :- I I I An impact is imminent rings true as Canadian metal monsters Anvil are still going strong as they return with ‘Ghost Shadow’, a brand new speed of sound …

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When Rivers Meet-He’ll Drive You Crazy (Radio Edit)-Single Review-Planetmosh.

Album links, tour dates and band info are here :- I I I I I When Rivers Meet return on a wave of fury with their latest single ‘He’ll Drive You Crazy (Radio Edit)’, taken from their second studio album Saving Grace. It coincides …

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Jesse’s Divide-Thirteen Steps-Album Review-Planetmosh.

Staffordshire based noise mongers Jesse’s Divide have not quite outdone Guns And Roses for the eagerly awaited album award but ten years is a helluva long time for their debut studio album Thirteen Steps. Thankfully its eleven scintillating tracks are well worth the wait, point proven by opening track ‘Bad …

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Praying Mantis-Katharsis Album Review-Planetmosh

For almost fifty years now, London formed melodic rockers Praying Mantis are still delivering quality music, point proven by their latest studio album Katharsis released via Frontiers Music s.r.l on January 28th 2022. Eleven tracks of the highest order begin with ‘Cry For Nations’ that take us on this musical …

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Elles Bailey-The Game Single Review-Planetmosh

You can see why Elles Bailey was named artist of the year at the UK blues awards 2020/2021 judging by the quality of her latest single ‘The Game’, the fourth single taken from her upcoming studio album Shining In The Half Light, released on Earache Records February 25th 2022. The …

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