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Ashen Reach

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On 8 April 2024
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Ashen Reach elevate their stature with recently released five track EP The Fear.

A big welcome back to Merseyside based metallers Ashen Reach, unleashing a very impressive five track EP titled The Fear.

Opening track ‘Ghosts’ is also the first single taken from it, built around all consuming doom laden riffing, this captivating number swoops and soars from a clean, glass shattering vocal, backed by snappy snare work and sweeping orchestral strings that pick up pace towards a guitar heavy, euphoric outro.

‘D1v1de’ is a dyed in the wool pit opener. Riffs are of body blow bombast from prize fighter like power, offset by lilting vocals that add a sheen towards monumental choruses and serene passages that are the calm before the storm chaotic outro.

The earworm main riff for ‘Neophobia’ attaches itself to your ears and stays there for yet another metal monster par excellence, backed by interesting vocal styles, adding a new dimension to an already near faultless song, pinned down by a furious drum battery.

‘The Dark’, by name and by its bleak soundscapes come courtesy of stadium filling choruses that demand to be bellowed out with aplomb, as this grasping track drags you down to the very depths of Hell from quicksand strength suffocation.

Final track ‘Lost’ closes the EP in style from multiple time changes that spew out schizophrenic vibes, giving the listener a challenging array of nuances, point proven from a dual vocal that gives a heraldic, adrenaline fuelled finish!

Links to Ashen Reach are here :-

Ashen Reach band personnel :-

Kyle Martyn Stanley – Lead Vocals.

Paddy Cummins – Lead Guitar/Vocals.

Jess Stanley – Drums.

Joe O’ Sullivan – Rhythm Guitar.

The band proclaim, “The Fear was written and created as a concept release, highlighting different fears and phobias, and how fear can also be used as a weapon. We wanted to push our sound in a heavier direction, as we felt this was a more organic evolution of where we are at musically in our journey as a band. We also felt the concept of the EP was a perfect canvas for our new sonic palette.”

Ashen Reach elevate their stature with recently released five track EP The Fear.

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