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On 6 April 2024
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Jayler took no prisoners whilst tearing up the rule book for their performance at the Cosey Club in Haslington.

A normally serene Easter Sunday was not the case this year at the Cosey Club in Haslington as West Midlands based young upstarts Jayler plugged in and certainly shook the foundations of a one hundred year old venue. I just got there in time to review the gig due to a Mr.Bean like decision to walk two and a half miles there from Crewe!

Opening act saw local hero Damian Matthews whip up a few near the knuckle jokes and solo performances to a packed out room. He gave powerhouse performances of ‘Living On A Prayer’, and ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’, but his highlight was a full on, lungbusting ‘Bat Out Of Hell’, which would have impressed (Marvin Lee Aday (Meatloaf) for sure.

So, onto the headliners and I can honestly say that in over forty years of watching bands, Jayler had me lost for words, which is a rarity, due to their already mature showmanship of the highest order, firing out extended jams laden with watertight precision and power. What stuck out the most was a histrionic lead vocal from James Bartholomew that never wavered throughout their two hour (with no break) set and I’m surprised there was anything left of the drumkit by Edd Evans which brought to mind Cozy Powell and John Bonham many times.

They played all of their recently released debut EP ‘A Piece In Our Time’ and a breathtaking array of covers, including Led Zeppelin, that were a groovy ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ and a seismic ‘Rock And Roll’. ‘Baba O’Reilly’ segued into a glorious ‘Pinball Wizard’ and they ended their set on twin guitar overload, kicking off with ‘Fortunate Son’ and the outro for ‘Freebird’ that saw James and lead guitarist Tyler Arrowsmith climb chairs, tables and anything else to shred away to oblivion!

The band were celebrating their second anniversary of Jayler being a four piece band, and a nice touch came from Adele Hockenhull from Adele’s cakes in Crewe, surprising them with a cake!

Links to Jayler are here :- http://jayler.co.uk / https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jayler+band

Jayler band personnel :-

James Bartholomew – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Tyler Arrowsmith – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Edd Evans – Drums/Backing Vocals.

Ricky Hodgkiss – Bass Guitar/Keys/Backing Vocals

Photo credits are for the Cosey Club, Kevin Harry Brothers and Adele’s cakes.

Jayler took no prisoners whilst tearing up the rule book for their performance at the Cosey Club in Haslington.

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