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On 14 April 2024
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Treeman go back to their roots with brand new four track EP Omnia!

Michael Angel breaks the chains from his other band Fugitive to come up with a much heavier animal titled Treeman, and releasing a four track firey EP Omnia, following on from first single ‘Society’, which also kicks off the EP with futuristic samples that vie for attention with guitar tones set to kill. Vocals are spat out with a put up or shut up warning for an unsettling but still rewarding listen.

‘No Solution’ is a balls to the wall skull crusher! A spoken word intro segues into a brief grind before heading off into a punks not dead like crossover with mid paced thrash speeds and nirvana is reached from a guitar heavy outro.

‘Dust’ is a raging romper stomper full of skin flaying riffs, matching the anger of the piss and vinegar vocal tirade.

Final track ‘Down & Out’ is a mean and moody dirge that cloys at your very soul with quicksand like power, sucking the very life out of the listener for six torturous minutes of doom.

The Omnia EP is released by CAT Records Music Label.

Links to the band are here :- /

Treeman band line up :-

Alan – Guitar.

Rich – Drums.

Yoz – Bass Guitar.

Michael – Lead Vocals.

Treeman go back to their roots with brand new four track EP Omnia!

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