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Praying Mantis

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On 20 April 2024
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Praying Mantis release 'Defiance', defying the odds with this stunning new studio album.

Welcome back NWOBHM stalwarts, Praying Mantis! Formed in London 1973 by the Troy brothers Tino and Chris, they have just released their thirteenth studio album Defiance via Frontiers Music, containing eleven tracks of the highest quality!

Album opener, ‘From The Start’, brims with confidence, delivering with aplomb, four minutes of melodic rock but with enough energy and bite to keep the headbangers happy. It forges along on a big, fat main riff, swirling keyboards and a showstopping lead vocal.

‘Defiance’, first single taken from the album is a ballad with balls of earworm keyboards that add deft touches throughout. Once again, a boisterous lead vocal is belted out, ending on a chilling guitar solo.

They hit the jackpot with ‘Feelin’ Lucky’ as this drum driven rocker gets heavier when symphonic swathes take this song to new heights of greatness.

A change in proceedings see them cover the Rainbow classic ‘I Surrender’. A brave song to attempt but they come out with heads held high, as lead vocalist John’Jaycee’ Cuipers captures the vocal range of Joe Lynn Turner with ease.

‘Forever In My Heart’ is another ballad to add to their already impressive arsenal as this tearjerker tugs at the heartstrings, ending on a lengthy outro guitar solo.

‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, not another cover but another rocker as a steadfast main riff pins down one of the heavier songs, especially during the shout em out loud and proud choruses.

Their hearts beat strong throughout ‘One Heart’ as this stadium filler is totally captivating in its majesty. Keyboard wizardry provides a template for a vocal par excellence, even finding time to squeeze in a brief flamenco guitar piece.

‘Give It Up’ is a luscious slab of AOR at its potent best. ‘Jaycee‘ hits glass shattering howls, backed by a watertight rhythm section.

Another twist comes from the sublime instrumental, ‘Nightswim’ that immerses the listener with a variety of mood changes. Mainly guitar dominated, it also leaves gaps for the rhythm section to add shimmering nuances.

I was getting a lot of prog rock vibes in ‘Standing Tall’ that vie for attention with the hefty riffs and a chest beating call to arms like vocal.

All hell breaks loose for closing track ‘Let’s See’ as they put the pedal to the metal for a bonafide rock radio rager. Twin guitar ferocity lights the fuse to see the heaviest track bring the hammer down to close this exemplary album in style!

Praying Mantis band info is here :- /

Chris Troy proclaims, “We’re thrilled to share the first single ‘Defiance’ with our fans. It sets the tone for what’s to come on the album, a perfect blend of classic Praying Mantis with a contemporary twist”.

Defiance album track listing :-

From The Start.


Feelin Lucky.

I Surrender (Rainbow cover).

Forever In My Heart.

Never Can Say Goodbye.

One Heart.

Give It Up.


Standing Tall.

Let’s See.

Praying Mantis band line up :-

Chris Troy – Bass Guitar/Vocals.

Tino Troy – Guitar/Vocals.

Andy Burgess – Guitar/Vocals.

Hans In’T Zandt – Drums.

John ‘Jaycee’ Cuipers – Lead Vocals.

I’d like to dedicate my review to Elaine Jackson, the lady who keeps the engine running!

Praying Mantis release 'Defiance', defying the odds with this stunning new studio album.

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