Dennis Jarman

Full time downtrodden album/gig reviewer and part time rock God!

Rockwich festival – Lostock, 30/08/2015

So how is the best way to spend a Bank Holiday Sunday? Watching mindless television or doing D.I.Y around the house? No! Get up early and head off to Rockwich and watch 15 bands play from midday until midnight for a measly £10! Apologies to the bands I missed whilst …

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Abattoir – Vicious Attack

Thrash metal classics should be short, sharp and straight to the point. Slayer proved this with the 1986 release of Reign In Blood at just under the half an hour mark but Los Angeles based did it a year earlier with their debut Vicious Attack. The album has been re-issued …

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Stereo Nasty – Nasty By Nature

Some bands treat their debut studio albums as a tentative step in their recording career whilst others go for the throat. Thankfully, County Kildare based quartet Stereo Nasty have taken the latter option with Nasty By Nature.  Early promise was shown by a three track EP just over a year …

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Kaine – Justice Injustice

I first heard soon to be released single ‘Justice Injustice’ when I was reviewing the Wildfire Festival in Lanark, Scotland in June. The song was that good I made it my highlight of Kaine’s  set and the recorded version certainly hits the mark. Lead vocalist Rage Sadler angrily barks like …

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Vardis – 200 M.P.H EP

July 18th 2015 will be an important day for Vardis as it will see them playing live in London for the first time in 30 years at a double headlining show with Diamond Head at Bush Hall and 200 individually numbered 12″ vinyl copies of their new 200 M.P.H EP …

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The Deep – Premonition

Perseverance is a word not used lightly by The Deep which is why Premonition has finally seen the light of day as all of the songs apart from ‘Cold Hearted’ (which was written in the early 90’s) were written in the early 80’s. The band were known then as Deep …

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