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On 26 December 2017
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A majestic collection of songs from NWOBHM generals Trespass.

2018 is already looking to be a good year for heavy metal as NWOBHM legends Trespass release their brand new studio album Footprints In The Rock via Mighty Music Label and distributed by Target. Formed in Sudbury, Suffolk in 1979 by Mark Sutcliffe, the front man still flies their flag high of the band that included James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich back in the day with Lars including ‘One Of These Days’ on a NWOBHM compilation album he worked on in 1990.

‘Momentum’, the first single from the album begins with a catchy drum intro that keeps that beat throughout behind the surging riffs and crashing power chords that make it a thrilling opener as a headbanging midsection leads to a full on finish making it live up to its title. Other highlights are the Lizzy like twin guitar lines that weave throughout ‘Be Brave’ backed by some beefy drum and bass guitar work and a throaty howl from Mark. Snapping snare work and a simple but effective chorus raise the bar high early. Flurries of twin guitar leads once again impress as chugging rhythms take over in ‘Mighty Love’, returning in the choruses to give them intensity as a piercing melodic solo with bluesy touches midway forges through. Things heavy up as the hard bluster of riffing and more snappy snare work add the muscle to ‘Prometheus’. The title track thunders along on heavy dynamics and raging guitar solos.

The album throws a curve ball with ‘Little Star’, a beautiful slice of melodic rock beginning with an intense ‘Lost Horizons’ like epic intro providing a fitting beginning to spidery guitar lines that meander along to a majestic ending of solos and a powerful vocal. ‘The Green Man’ is a swirling piece of sparse riffing and thought provoking lyrics from Mark. Blistering leads and hefty drum work end it on a high. The grandiose songs keep on coming as ‘Dragons In The Mist’ is full of hard, edgy riffing with some fleet fingered fret board histrionics. ‘Beowulf And Grendel’ chugs and pounds on a wave of Manowar like power metal with some frenetic twin lead battles to finish. The quirky rhythms in ‘Weed’ took a few plays to get my head around as short, sharp guitar flourishes cut through to the chase which brings the album to my personal highlight, the poignant ballad ‘Music Of The Waves’. It literally stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. At three minutes long it seemed to end far too soon as it brings the album to a close on gently strummed chords and a laid back vocal.

Footprints In The Rock track listing :-

Trespass - Footprints in the RockMomentum.

Be Brave.

Mighty Love.


Footprints In The Rock.

Little Star.

The Green Man.

Dragons In The Mist.

Beowulf And Grendel.


Music Of The Waves.

Trespass band line up :-

Mark Sutcliffe – Lead vocals/guitar.

Dan Biggin – Bass guitar.

Jason Roberts – Drums.

Joe Fawcett- Guitar.

A majestic collection of songs from NWOBHM generals Trespass.

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