Jesse’s Divide – Other World’s Than These EP

Jesse's Divide
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On 25 December 2017
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4 tracks bristling with riffs and melodies that will stay with you immediately.

Jesse's Divide - Other Worlds Than TheseTrue to its word of the press release announcing “For your all out hard rock enjoyment”, Jesses’s Divide have a sure fire winner with their upcoming release of their four track EP Other World’s Than These, due out on January 26th 2018 on Spotify, iTunes and other online providers Physical copies are available direct from the band’s website. The Stoke On Trent based trio will certainly brighten up the end of January blues with four very impressive songs.

Opener ‘Protector’ had me thinking “Now that’s what you call a riff” from the off as it propels this headbanger along like ‘Paranoid’ on steroids. Very NWOBHM influenced, it is as raw as you like it with touches of ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the harmonies as a calm before the storm midsection heralds a wailing wah-wah guitar solo from Simon Ward. ‘Other Worlds’ is a poptastic slice of lush melodies backed by rock solid riffing showing that we may have a new Wildhearts on our hands here as a guitar solo comes out of nowhere to melt your head.

‘Collider’ has a catchy main riff, bringing to mind the heavier side of The Sweet as some tasty Ted Nugent like feedback lurks behind the solo midway as the song ends in melodic runs. Final track ‘Flat Earth’ is a heavy burst of sleaze that hurtles off down Sunset Strip on a wall of biting grooves laid down by Nick Cotton on bass guitar and Rob Barnes on drums as over the top guitar solos end it.

Other World’s Than These EP track listing :-


Other Worlds.


Flat Earth.

Jessie’s Divide band line up :

Simon Ward – Guitar/vocals.

Nick Cotton – Bass guitar.

Rob Barnes – Drums.

4 tracks bristling with riffs and melodies that will stay with you immediately.

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