Salem – Attrition.


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On 18 February 2018
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NWOBHM legends Salem turn it up to eleven with eleven choice cuts of heavy rock.

To say the least, Attrition is a major step forward for Hull based NWOBHM band Salem! Released on Dissonance Productions on February 23rd, this could be their Pyromania such is the quality of songwriting on display here.

Kicking off with the title track ‘Attrition’, its hard hitting riffs from guitarists Paul Macnamara and Mark Allison as the unmistakable gravel tone of lead vocalist Simon Saxby enters the fray. Piercing leads midway precede a full on finish of the powerful chorus. Other highlights are the grinding main riff in ‘Black And White’ that has touches of ‘Life’s Been Good’ from the second guitar. Simon swoops and soars throughout the wall of riffing, one of the heaviest songs I’ve heard by them. The lush Zeppelin like intro to ‘I’m The One’ eases into a stone cold classic in the making as a spellbinding lead vocal dominates, even more so in the choruses.

‘Lest We Forget‘ is a slow burning six minutes of epic portioned heavy dynamics over a laid back vocal as an Eastern tinged guitar solo midway leads to a slow pounding outro. ‘My Only Son’ is going to knock audiences out when played live! This sumptuously heavy power ballad has a heart wrenching vocal and sparse chord intro as a sedate croon and high pitched guitar solo precede a pin drop quiet end. The quality keeps on coming with ‘Sights Of Wonder’, a stadium like opus. Simon takes the reins once more with some Steve Perry like phrasing topped off with some big “Whoa oh ohs” to end on.

  ‘Stay With Me’ starts like it’s going to be a NWOBHM like rocker but heads off into Cheap Trick territory, chock full of glorious harmonies. ‘We R Godz’ sees Simon rasping away in the vein of Bon Scott over some big, fat riffs and fine multi tracked vocals as a full on drum finish from Paul Mendham brings it to a heavy close. Attrition finishes on a high with ‘Isolation’, a riff heavy rocker that hurtles along like Snowy White era Thin Lizzy.

Attrition album track listing :-


Black And White.

I’m The One.

Lest We Forget.

My Only Son.

Sights Of Wonder.

Stay With Me.

Taking Control.

Warning Signs.

We R Godz.


Salem band line up :-

Simon Saxby – Lead vocals.

Paul Macnamara – Guitar.

Mark Allison – Guitar.

Ade Jenkinson – Bass guitar.

Paul Mendham – Drums.

NWOBHM legends Salem turn it up to eleven with eleven choice cuts of heavy rock.

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