Rose Tattoo – Tatts Live In Brunswick 1982

Rose Tattoo

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On 19 December 2017
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Grab a beer and crank up this glorious live album from rock and roll legends Rose Tattoo.

Now this is how you make a live album! No overdubs, just a furious run through of your finest songs that sound like you are at the gig. Rose Tattoo, one of Australia’s finest exports, formed in Melbourne, Sydney in 1976 are still blazing away with tour dates penned for 2018 and hopefully a new album. Tatts Live In Brunswick 1982 released via Golden Robot Records, is an indispensable triumphant flashback of a gig at the Bombay Bicycle Club that brought back great memories of when I first saw them give Rainbow a very hard act to follow at Stafford Bingley Hall in 1981 here in the UK.

Fourteen fiery songs fly by too quickly as opener ‘Out Of This Place’ kicks in after a slow brooding intro. Front man Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson makes his mark immediately with his trademark soulful bark and a gang vocal finish ends the song strongly. ‘Bad Boy For Love’ from their classic debut studio album Rock And Roll Outlaw riffs hard with the slide guitar work from Pete Wells weaving throughout backed by a raucous lead vocal. Things heavy up as the aptly titled ‘Assault And Battery’, driven along by pounding drumming from Dallas ‘Digger’ Royal. There is no let up as the no frills delivery of ‘Tramp’ is a heads down headbanger. The foot is taken off the pedal as ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’ is all  bar room boogie that leads into a fist clenching chorus as Angry rants about people should ignore the newspapers, television and go out to a show. A mid set highlight sees ‘Butcher And Fast Eddy’ ooze along gnarlier than the studio take as Angry’s delivery captivates the feel of gang warfare. The slide guitar work is unbelievable. A feel good vibe comes courtesy of ‘Rock And Roll Is King’ with another huge chorus and Angry pushing his voice to hammer the message home.

‘Texas’ is full of foot tapping rhythms, coming over like a heavier ‘Crossroads’ by Cream. ‘One Of The Boys’ highlights Angry’s no bullshit lyrics about his lifestyle, an example being ” Got tattooed arms, rings in my ears, never gonna suffer a straight man’s fears”. Driven along on a wall of guitar riffs, it rages to a finish of blistering solos. ‘Branded’ has one of my favourite Tatt riffs that bursts out of the speakers. Once again, lyrics and a huge chorus are sung with no bullshit conviction. ‘Revenge’ is seven minutes of slide guitar heaven during this heavy blues stomper. ‘Juice On The Loose’ introduced as “A song about not getting laid” is all good time rhythm and blues as they head into their signature tune ‘Rock And Roll Outlaw’, a song that still rings true to this very day. Once again, the lyrics portray a dedication to being on the road. The set ends on a high with another of their finest tunes ‘Scarred For Life’ with an intro by Angry of ” Look after one another and stay out of trouble”. The intense main riff is backed by the walk it like you talk it lyrics.

Album track listing :-

Out Of This Place.

Bad Boy For Love.

Assault And Battery.


We Can’t Be Beaten.

Butcher And Fast Eddy.

Rock And Roll Is King.


One Of The Boys.



Juice On The Loose.

Rock And Roll Outlaw.

1982 band line up :-

Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson – Lead vocals.

Geordie Leach – Bass guitar.

Rob Riley – Guitar.

Dallas ‘Digger’ Royale R.I.P – Drums.

Pete Wells R.I.P – Guitar.


Grab a beer and crank up this glorious live album from rock and roll legends Rose Tattoo.

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