Destruction – Thrash Anthems II


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On 29 December 2017
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The Godfathers of German thrash metal rejuvenate their past with a full on assault to the senses.

By the title you may think this is a covers album but German thrash metallers Destruction have not remastered some of their finest songs, they have re recorded them and to say they have breathed new life into them is an understatement! Thrash Anthems II was originally a pledge music only campaign for fans who were asked to submit their requests but the response was so successful, it has been given an official release from Nuclear Blast Records.

Some older fans may disagree with modernizing the original recordings but I’m in agreement with what they have done here, point proven by the oldest song here ‘Front Beast’, from their very first demo in 1984, Bestial Invasion Of Hell. The muted original has been dragged kicking and screaming vocally and musically with Schmier’s vicious snarl looking over a tumultuous assault from guitarist Mike Sifringer and Vaaver on drums. Chronologically other highlights are ‘Black Mass’ and ‘Satan’s Vengeance’, both from the 1984 EP Sentence Of Death. The former rises above the original, proving how technical the band were over thirty years ago with a perpetual attack of vicious riffing and the latter lives up to it’s devilish title as they charge to the finish line with headbanging, neck snapping rhythms. From their 1985 debut album Infernal Overkill, ‘The Ritual’ has a main riff that slashes and thrashes with no compromise. ‘Black Death’ is a flesh ripping rager that pulls at the leash throughout and ‘Antichrist’ has Schmier’s most evil vocal as he vents his spleen over intense multi time changes.

The Eternal Devastation album from 1986 has ‘Confused Mind’, as a deceivingly sedate intro precedes a turbo charged gallop with raging lead soloing. ‘United By Hatred’ is trademark Destruction chugging that heads off into faster than the Millennium Falcon to light speed featuring some relentless drum patterns. ‘Confound Games’ is the heaviest track with everything cranked up to mixing desk testing levels. 1988 saw Release From Agony unleashed with ‘Dissatisfied Existence’ featuring hammer blow drumming that backs riffing overload and fretboard burning solos which leaves ‘Rippin’ You Off Blind’ from the 1990 Cracked Brain album, all grinding technical thrash metal full of over the top guitar solos.

Thrash Anthems II track listing :-

Destruction - Thrash AnthemsConfused Mind .

Black Mass.

Front Beast.

Dissatisfied Existence.

United By Hatred.

The Ritual.

Black Death.


Confound Games.

Rippin’ You Off Blind.

Satan’s Vengeance.

Destruction band line up :-

Schmier – Vocals/bass guitar.

Mike Sifringer – Guitar.

Vaaver – Drums.



The Godfathers of German thrash metal rejuvenate their past with a full on assault to the senses.

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