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Morbid Angel

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On 19 December 2017
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Morbid Angel continue to crush all in their path with ease.

Well this is the heaviest and most brutal album I’ve heard for quite some time. Kingdoms Disdained, the ninth and latest studio album from Tampa Bay,Florida death metal band Morbid Angel, founded by original guitarist Trey Azagthoth in 1983. Released by Silver Lining Music, it is a constant assault to the senses for its eleven song duration.

Kicking off literally with the over the top pummeling of ‘Piles Of Little Arms’ , driven along by the frenetic footwork of Scott Fuller and the unmistakable growl of Steve Tucker, it’s a gripping start. No pause for breath as ‘D.E.A.D.’ hurtles in on a manic rush of adrenaline with swathes of rage and a clubbing midsection. ‘Garden Of Disdain’ is a glorious dizzy grind bolstered by more furious footwork as it lumbers along to a suffocating finish. Baton down the hatches as ‘The Righteous Voice’ is unleashed with a barrage of heavy doom that shifts into overdrive for a ballistic ending. ‘Architects And Iconoclast’ is a testament to their fury by keeping the intensity levels high for six minutes of pit opening death metal. The hypnotic riffing and almost spoken word lyrics in ‘Paradigms Warped’ are dominated by lightning speed double bass drum work.

  ‘The Pillars Crumbling’ could have crumbled my headphones as Steve’s angriest vocal here over seismic blast beat dominated hate, leads to a speed metal overload finish. ‘For No Master’ is my personal favourite and decimates everything on the album. Hard to put into words how mind blowing the delivery is. It’s nothing short of the band pushing everything into the red to reach new levels of extreme metal. It gives ‘Declaring New Law’ a hard act to follow but it bares up with Godzilla like stomps that propel an eerie vocal delivery as the song crawls through your ears leading to a piercing guitar solo outro. ‘From The Hand Of Kings’ is a blur of blast beats and riffage that leaves the listener standing like in the eye of a storm as the song increases in velocity. Album closer ‘The Fall Of Idols’ is one final assault to the senses as they leave with a maelstrom of swirling rhythms that reach impossible speeds midway.

The album is released in the following formats. A CD jewel case, a CD Digipack with lenticular cover artwork, a 180 grams 12″ gatefold vinyl or a super deluxe box set.

Album track listing :-

Piles Of Little Arms.


Garden Of Disdain.

The Righteous Voice.

Architects And Iconoclast.

Paradigms Warped.

The Pillars Crumbling.

For No Master.

Declaring New Law.

From The Hand Of Kings.

The Fall Of Idols.

Morbid Angel band line up :-

Trey Azagthoth – Guitars/keyboards.

Steve Tucker – Vocals/bass guitar.

Scott Fuller – Drums.

Dan Vadim Von – Guitars.





Morbid Angel continue to crush all in their path with ease.

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