Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – The Age Of Absurdity

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons

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On 4 February 2018
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Phil Campbell gives family values a whole new meaning on this rocking debut album.

This certainly takes good parenting to the next level as guitarist Phil Campbell has three of his sons in his band Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons. Todd on guitar, Dane on drums, Tyla on bass guitar and they are all joined by Neil Starr on lead vocals. Their self titled debut EP showed great promise which has been fulfilled with their debut album The Age Of Absurdity, released on Nuclear Blast Records.

   ‘Ringleader’ is a full on opener with hard hitting snare work driving it to the finish line but takes a foot off the pedal briefly for Neil to soar in the choruses. Other highlights are the catchy but ballsy riffs that back a howling lead vocal in ‘Freak Show’. ‘Skin And Bones’ is a chopping chugger with prominent snare work again and harder edged vocals. I’ve tried to avoid any similarity to Motorhead so far but ‘Gypsy Kiss’ rattles along like the bastard son of ‘Iron Fist’. ‘Dark Days’ is laid back blues, in fact it’s so laid it back it’s almost horizontal until Phil steps in with a piercing wah-wah solo. ‘Dropping The Needle’ is a short, sharp punk rock that flies through your speakers at just under the two minute mark.

Razor sharp riffs that snap at your ankles like a wild dog rage through ‘Step Into The Fire’ backed by thumping bass lines that lead into a headbanging heavy metal outro. Rammstein like militaristic grooves march through ‘High Rule’, one of the heaviest tracks here that pounds and pounds to a thrilling end but my album highlight is the final track ‘Into The Dark’ as Neil gives his most dramatic vocal during this seven minute epic of heavy balladry fueled by a gripping array of riffing.

The Age Of Absurdity album track listing :-

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - The Age of AbsurdityRingleader.

Freak Show.

Skin And Bones.

Gypsy Kiss.

Welcome To Hell.

Dark Days.

Dropping The Needle.

Step Into The Fire.

Get On Your Knees.

High Rule.

Into The Dark.

Phil Campbell gives family values a whole new meaning on this rocking debut album.

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