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On 6 January 2018
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Dundee based rockers Emerald Sunday have delivered a gem of an album to be treasured any day of the week.

Emerald SundayWhat a great start to 2018 for British rock music with this self titled release by Dundee based Emerald Sunday. Nine well crafted songs with more hooks than a fishing match! The phrase “All killer no filler” certainly applies here as the full on grunge main riff of opener ‘City Of Life’ powers this full on rocker. A fiery wah-wah guitar solo and tongue n cheek lyrics including “Met this girl who was crazy for me, she could not tell the time or the ABC”. ‘Lay Down On The Highest Cloud’ has a melody that can tear your heart in two delivered by an intense lead vocal from Mike Martin as an uplifting midsection soothes the soul, definitely my favourite song here. ‘Ordinary People’ has an alternative vibe as the guitars of Alan Hunter and Matt Fleming chime like vintage REM. A haunting Neil Young like vocal during ‘Return Of The Man Who Never Came Back’ sets the scene for wailing solos and snappy snare outro. ‘River Of Dreams’ is all early Boston AOR littered with big powerchords, melodic verses and choruses delivered with aplomb. ‘Waiting For The Fall’ is spellbinding balladry with more heart tugging vocals backed by ethereal guitar lines.

Sparse guitar lines during ‘We All Stand Together’ allow a powerhouse vocal to shine as the song cruises into epic proportions as heavier riffs bully their way in. ‘We Are The People’ is all summer breeze through the hair in the car with the windows down melodic hard rock, full of big hooks and another captivating lead vocal as the album closes on a high with ‘When The Rain Comes Down’ as fiery indieish intro riff that runs throughout is backed by powerful riffing and a melodically howled vocal. A slow burning midsection heralds a piercing guitar that forces it’s way through as a bluesy and almost cry for help screams see a bluesy outro bring it to a shuddering close. The album can be bought on CD from EMERALDSUNDAY.BIGCARTEL and from major digital download retailers.

Emerald Sunday album track listing :-

City Of Life.

Lay Down On The Highest Cloud.

Ordinary People.

Return Of The Man Who Never Came Back.

River Of Dreams.

Waiting For The Fall.

We All Stand Together.

We Are The People.

When The Rain Comes Down.

Emerald Sunday band line up :-

Mike Martin – Vocals.

Alan Hunter – Guitar.

Scott ‘Cliffy’ Crawford – Bass guitar.

Matt ‘Thumbs’ Fleming – Guitar.

John Morgan – Drums.


Dundee based rockers Emerald Sunday have delivered a gem of an album to be treasured any day of the week.

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