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Knock Out Kaine – Kandykaine EP (CD)

Knowing where to start describing Knock Out Kaine is the key to this three track EP. So I’ll start in the 80’s with Aerosmith , Waynes World, Mott the Hoople , Twisted Sister, WASP, early Guns N Roses and dare I say even ACDC. That’s what this band sounds and …

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Tokyo Blade – Thousand Men Strong (CD)

I have formed the opinion that NWOBHM is having another golden age and this opinion is gaining strength when a band such as Tokyo Blade reforms with 80% of it’s original line up. Imagine then if this band was to release an album which is equal in quality to the …

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Hellfighter – Damnations Wings (CD)

HELLFIGHTER “Damnation’s Wings”     HELLFIGHTER origins can be traced back to UK Metal band Xentrix, who were at the forefront of the European thrash metal scene in the 1990s.  They released three albums and toured Europe extensively with bands such as Testament, Sabbat and Tankard, receiving widespread critical acclaim. They …

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Sinocence – Scar Obscura (CD)

I’ve been taught to not judge a book by it’s cover, but with the eye catching use of human anatomy art on the cover, I couldn’t help but think it’s another thrash metal band trying to make their début with a cool front cover, to try and hide the disappointment …

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Core Project – Singularities Part 1 (CD)

Upon recieving Core Project’s Singularities Part 1 CD, I didn’t know what to expect, having never heard the band before and getting no insights from the albums artwork. This boosted my curiosity and I could no longer wait to find out what Core Project was about. In went the CD …

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Nuclear – Jehovirus (CD)

After hearing a few tracks from Nuclear’s newly released, third studio album – Jehovirus, on the band’s Myspace profile, I was anticipating the moment that the package containing the album would hit the mat at the PlanetMosh towers. After opening the package, I was already impressed before even hearing the …

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