Chainfist – Black Out Sunday (CD)

I’m a simple man truth be told. I’m not complicated, I’m not fussy (regardless of what my wife says) and Chainfist’s debut album, Black Out Sunday is a lot like me in that way. They claim that they play “metal that makes the world go round, your neck break and your body bounce. Nothing more nothing less.”

I like that. They know what they are, they’re not afraid to admit it and you know what to expect and what I expected brought a big grin to my face. It makes for a pleasant surprise when a band gives you straight talking about what they sound and don’t try to put spin on themselves as “the next big thing”. To me it lends a degree of honesty and more importantly credibility.

Hailing from Denmark, Chainfist look to be another success story from this part of the world that seems to be able to produce quality metal and rock bands at will. Released in October 2010 under Rock and Growl, the album has a no nonsense approach and brings quality musicianship, vocals and production to songs that are hard hitting and full of chunky riffage interspersed with some harder edged ballads.

Twelve tracks that to me are a great mix of Metallica/Godsmack styled chunky riffage supported by some excellent drum work and complimentary bass. The vocals remind me in particular of a more hard edged Ian Astbury or even former Saliva vocalist Josey Scott.

The album starts with one almighty bang with the superb “Free Me”, probably my favourite track, and keeps the power and intensity through “Edge of the World” (although it does feel like it goes on a little bit longer than needed) into “Evolution” with some wonderfully haunting guitar melodies against the aggressive main riff. There’s not even a chance to pause for breath as the aggressive and most definitely catchy riffs and melody continue through “Be A Man” and “Have You Ever”, another one of my favourites on the album.

We finally get a chance to catch ourselves with a track that to me sounds like it could be part of a James Bond soundtrack. A fantastic lament, Stay, gives Jackie Petersen a real chance to shine and show off his vocal range.

The remaining tracks on the album give us more of the same. Great riffage, excellent vocal work and solid tunes to listen to. As mentioned before, the production value is excellent and adds greatly to the power inherent in the album as a whole and for a debut it provides a fantastic platform for Chainfist to build on and make an even bigger impact with their follow up due out later this year.

Rating: 8/10

Track Listing:
01. Free Me
02. Edge Of The World
03. Evolution
04. Be a Man
05. Have You Ever
06. Stay
07. In Your Face
08. Show Me
09. Clown
10. Carpe Diem
11. Black Out
12. Shchwh

Jackie Petersen (vocals)
Michael Kopietz (guitar)
Jesper Heidelbach (drums)
Braca Pedersen (bass)










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