Dear Superstar – Damned Religion CD review

Dear Superstar is the 21st century equivalents of Motley Crue, without the tight leather pants and the extremely poufy hair. Their songs are like a blast from the past, transporting the listeners back to the 80’s, back when the music was pure and true, but adding a modern day metal twist to their music. This is Damned Religion a ten track roller coaster of a rock record – combining extremely catchy choruses, power chord based riffs and some of the finest rock anthems in history to form one of 2012’s finest records so far. There isn’t one dull moment on Damned Religion and from the moment this record kicks in, you will be singing along crazily to the tunes this album has to offer!

This is by far Dear Superstar’s best album to date, containing some of the bands catchiest songs on it. Tracks like ‘Change Yesterday’, ‘Our City Sleeps’ and ‘Turn to Dust’ are all massive anthems which could easily ignite any crowd, no matter the size; into a frenzied sing along. The choruses are heavily reminiscent of early Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks, where the musicianship behind it is a lot darker and heavier sounding like what would happen if Buckcherry and Bullet for my Valentine had a wrestling match.

There are a lot of sleaze/cockrock moments on Damned Religion too, making it an extremely diverse and musically stimulating record. This is a high octane, power house of an album that really will rip you a new one. From the moment the quite dark, haunting opening riff of title track ‘Damned Religion’, to the final foot stomping moments of the epic closing song ‘Crystallized’, Dear Superstar manage to show off just how talented they are as musicians as they plough through ten tracks that are all completely unique and different in their own way.

Dear Superstar’s singer Micky Satiar is an amazing front man and vocalist. He puts so much energy and anarchy into every note, putting a slight punk edge onto this record. He is the perfect rock front man, mastering every end of the musical spectrum. From the soft to the loud, the mellow to the screaming, he is mind blowingly awesome and his talent comes across magically in tracks like ‘Anthem to My Life’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Glitter Just Like Gold’. He is one of the best rock singers to emerge in the past five years and over the course of the past three albums has improved magnificently!

If you are looking for a rock album that is completely against all the radio friendly jargon that is out there at the moment by a band who have more tattoos than countries on the map. Then Damned Religion by Dear Superstar is the killer new album for you – Ten pure hard hitting anthems that will have you banging your head, throwing the horns and singing along at the top of your voice. [7/10]

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