Lefutray – Last Breath, Album Review

Lefutray are a Chilean band that mix Thrash, Death and Groove metal to create their own style. They are now promoting their album Last Breath which I shall now review. I am quite excited as my friends will tell you the words Thrash, Death and Groove sit very well with me!…when describing metal…

Track two named Agreement of Suffering kicks in after an instrumental first track.

A fantastic screaming vocal from Juan Vejar at the lyrics ‘look AROUND ’ and at 1.28 a groovy drum beat and some chunky riffs from  Leonardo Gacitúa and Cristian Olivares smashed in to get your head banging.


At 1.48 in Immersed I was intrigued by the unusual guitar tone used and again at 4.22, twinned with a stomping drum beat from Yonattan Muñoz.

1.48 in Aint Part of It phenomenal groove and again at 2.14 in the fifth track, 263.

1.52 in I Feed Your Eyes, again groove.

All the tracks are extremely well executed but the parts without that grove loses my interest, I have simple needs.

But the parts with stomping beats, belting riffs and high pitched screaming are stunning.

The solo in Rats and Vultures is incredible, nice guitar tone.

In the right setting, live, in a sweaty, drunken, intense atmosphere this album would make for a fantastic experience. Listening to it in the house however doesn’t do this style justice; however there was plenty to keep my appetite at bay. Every element works really well together to create a violent over all sound with technical tightness. Very impressive.


Rating 8 out of 10

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Agreement of Suffering
  3. Immersed
  4. Aint Part of It
  5. 263
  6. I Feed Your Eyes
  7. Rats and Vultures
  8. Through Your Veins
  9. Hunter
  10. Screaming in Silence


Band Line Up

Christian Bravo – bass

Juan Vejar – Vocals

Leonardo Gacitúa – Guitar

Yonattan Muñoz – Drums

Cristian Olivares – Guitar

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