Wolves – Alpha, Beta, Omega (E.P)


Forming in 2010, this North Wales based post hardcore act have been rapidly developing a cult underground following amongst the local scene and are now finally coming to prominence.

“Alpha, Beta, Omega” heralds the crossover from local underground unsung heroes through to a full on power fuelled metal act capable of taking on the world.

“We are the 99 %” starts off with a deceptively melodic instrumental before the punishing riffs and guttural vocals take over leading nicely into “Buried” which has the effect of grabbing you by the throat, raising you high into the atmosphere then throwing you into the nearest mosh pit at break neck speed.

”Feral”, “Alpha…” and “When Money Speaks….” follow on, each having a mix of blistering breakdowns combined with intense post hardcore vocals.

Closing track “Collapse” shows a level of unexpected angst ridden lyrics collimating in an almost feral roar as the e.p comes to a close.

Overall the Wolves are ravenous, on the prowl and look like they will make 2012 the year of the wolf.

Highlight of the e.p: Feral;


Track Listing:

1. We Are The 99 %;
2. Buried;
3. Feral;
4. Alpha Beta Omega;
5. When Money Speaks The Truth Remains Silent;
6. Collapse


Ad Robinson, Ben Peers, Dan Hallows and Tom Williams

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wolvesuk
Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/wolvesbanduk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wolvesbanduk 

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