Dorota Malek – Dayphobia

Dorota Malek is a Polish-born singer who has lived in Austria since her early childhood. She took her first steps in show business in 1999 at the age of 14.  Dorota started her solo career in 2007 and her first release was the single “All Against Me”, which led to a management contract with German agency Rex GmbH.  In 2010 she released the EP “Loosing myself”.  She has now released her first album, Dayphobia.

Opening with some nice guitars and a pounding drunm beat, “One big mess” gets the album off to a good heavy start.  Dorota Malek has a good voice – one nicely suited to rock or metal, so these hard rock songs work well with her vocals.

Comments on a couple of the tracks..

“Dead bird” is the next track and is another good solid rock song, and one that lets Dorota show off the power of her voice a bit more.  A great song.

The title track, “Dayphobia” is quite a strange song (but in a good way).  It’s got a slightly eerie and bizarre feel to it, which makes it stand out from the rest of the tracks on the album.  This is probanly my favourite track on the album.

The album is rather short – 8 tracks, and a running time of just 30 minutes.  Despite this it’s a very good album and is well worth checking out.

Dorota Malek may be a new name for most people reading this review, but based on this album she’s going to do well.

Dayphobia is out now via Noisehead records.

Track listing:

1. One big mess
2. Dead bird
3. Vision
4. Victims (aren’t we all)
5. Dayphobia
6. Noora
7. Mirror
8. All against me

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