The Self Titled e.p

Kent based 5 piece band The Self Titled have certainly had a tumultuous 18 months since their formation. Line up changes and putting their debut album on hold for almost a year to concentrate on their live act have given them an edge judging by the quality of the 3 track e.p currently on release via Motivated Music. The aforementioned debut album is near completion and i look forward to reviewing it when available.

The e.p literally kicks off with opening track Intuit,musically bringing to mind Overkill/Bomber era Motorhead with vocalist Mark Campbell delivering like a harder edged Phil Mogg. About 3 mins in,the song eases into a lone bass beat followed by guitar feedback before the song kicks back in,ending in a burst of wah-wah and a resounding “yeah”.

Soul Control follows beginning with a fluid nwobhm type riff then easing the foot off the pedal as the vocals begin. A killer wah-wah guitar solo follows melodic dual guitar riffing from James Forrister and Darren Towner before drummer Paul Brander ups the beat to bring the song racing to the finish line.

Closing track Warped opens with a hard but catchy riff and the slamming drums get the head nodding and feet tapping immediately. Midway,some neat twin guitar interplay brings some respite until the drums come crashing back in,the song finishing at speed with a howl of  feedback!

I had not heard of The Self Titled until i was offered the e.p to review but hopefully will be able to catch them in concert this year  as they have received rave reviews and the strength of their material should make them a force to be reckoned with.


Track listing :-


Soul Control.



Band members :-

Mark Campbell-Vocals.

Paul Brander-Drums.

James Forrister-Guitar.

Darren Towner-Lead guitar.

Steve Saunders-Bass/backing vocals.


I award The Self Titled’s e.p 9/10.


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