Hailing from Italy, Silent Opera have been active since 2007, releasing a well received demo before turning their attentions to nurturing this debut almost conceptual album based around four immortals and their individual stories.
An initial, listen and inevitable comparisons with Nightwish and Within Temptation may come to the fore but upon further delving, a rich layer of well structured and immensely talented song writing becomes apparent, from the fair galloping pace of tracks such as ‘Selene’ through to the piano laden beauty of the emotionally charged ‘Farewell’.
Lady Victoria’s vocals sound strong and in perfect harmony with guitarist and main writer Rain’s compositions, including the male/female vocal track ’Always With You’. The album has a well balanced feel which bodes well for future projects and as a debut can’t be praised highly enough.
Stand out tracks apart from the aforementioned include the immensely Gothic ’Your Muse’ and the official video clip track ‘Lilium’


Rain – Guitars.
Lady Victoria – Vocals.
Shadow  – Drums.
Alexandre   – Bass.

IMMORTAL BEAUTY track listing.

1. Mask Manor.
2. Chapter 7.
3. Morningstar.
4. Lilium.
5. Selene.
6. Farewell.
7. Hidden Lies.
8. Always With You.
9. Introducing The Muse.
10. Your Muse.
11. The Silent Opera.







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