Mark Ashby

no longer planetmosh staff

Death Toll Rising – ‘Infection Legacy’

This third album from Canada’s DTR is as good a slice of death metal mayhem as you are going to hear this year. Packed solid with soaring riffs, which succeed in holding the right mix of melody within their overall context of bombastic beatdowns and crushing themes, the band also …

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The Dead Daisies – ‘The Dead Daisies’

The Dead Daisies - Artwork

Any band boasting a pedigree that includes iconic acts such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Thin Lizzy, The Cult and even INXS in its history inevitably has a helluva set of footsteps in which to follow, never mind a pretty impressive heritage to recall… Based around vocalist Jon …

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Breached – ‘Left Behind’ EP

Breached - Left Behind Single Artwork

Hailing from Toronto, Breached – right from the opening bars of the title track of this five-song EP – are a band who it is extremely difficult to pigeonhole… and most definitely not in a bad way. Leaning quite heavily on the post-grunge sound of the likes of Alice In …

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Death Remains – ‘Stand. Fight. Believe’

Death Remains - Stand Fight Believe Artwork

Now and again an album comes along that crushes your preconceptions under the heel of your size 11 New Rock boot… Just as I was sincerely starting to believe that almost every new young band coming out of mainland Great Britain was content to churn out second-rate, copycat emo-core nonsense, …

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Bad Religion – ‘Christmas Songs’

Bad Religion - Christmas Songs

Whether we believe in it or not, like it or otherwise, the so-called “festive season” – when everyone is supposed to be nice to each people we loathe and despise for the rest of the year, indulge in rampant consumerism, eat horribly overcooked poultry for days on end, and whatever …

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Satyricon @ Limelight 2, Belfast – 11 November

Satyricon European tour poster

There are times as a music journalist when you want to cast aside the notebook and its pages of extraneous adjectives and hyperbolae and strip a review down to your most basic primal reaction to the event you have just witnessed… in the case of this evening’s debut Belfast performance …

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Mayfair – ‘Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage’

Breaking a silence which has lasted nigh on 15 years, Austrian progsters Mayfair should really have stayed in a state of hibernation, as this is a truly awful album with very little to recommend it to more than the casual listener. Yes, the four musicians are most definitely accomplished (vocalist …

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Bedlam – ‘Live In Binghampton 1974’

Every now and again, an album emerges from the vaults of rock ‘n’ roll history that represents a snapshot in time:  a moment when those who produced it were right at the top of their game, while at the same time on the cusp of transformation and transition… This is …

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Satyricon – Interview with Satyr

On the coldest day of the year so far, a black wind blew in from the north as Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon arrived on British shores as part of their European tour to promoted their self-titled eighth album. PM hooked up with front man Satyr before the band’s debut …

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Attack Of The 70ft Bitch – Revenger

Attack Of The 70ft Bitch - Artwork

Hailing from Scunthorpe (“The Industrial Garden Town Of The North” as he describes it), AOT70FB is the work of one Wayne Goodchild, who perhaps can perhaps best be described as a “bedroom producer”.  Having previously enjoyed moderate success under the monicker of Cardboard Dead Boy, he has sought to refine …

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Venrez – Interview

With their latest album, ‘American Illusion’, kicking up dust and the band preparing to bang heads and take names across the UK and Ireland at the end of November, opening for Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar, PM catches up with Ven Venrez, front man of the band who take his name, …

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Altus – Exclusive PlanetMosh interview


Having appeared from apparently out of nowhere less than six months ago, Altus have taken the Northern Ireland scene by the scruff of the neck and given it a jolly good old-fashioned seeing to!  They’ve certainly made some waves in that short period time – with threats of legal action …

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