Mark Ashby

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Focus – Belfast, Empire Music Hall, 31/10/2014

Focus PR Photo

A little more than 40 years ago, a movement developed among classically trained musicians who also were fans of rock music which saw them experiment in merging the two disciplines, as well as throwing elements of jazz, folk and other musical forms into the mix:  the result was prog!  Over …

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Lordi – ‘Scare Force One’

Lordi - Scare Force One

It may be four-fifths of a decade since Lordi firmly put their particular brand of comic book metal well and truly on the international map with their sensational, tongue-in-cheek win at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest – an achievement which equally abhorred and united metallians across the continent – but …

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Bloodshot Dawn – Belfast, Voodoo, 27/10/2014

Bloodshot Dawn - Voodoo, Belfast 27-10-2014

I’m a great believer that when you go to a gig you should make every effort to see and support every band on the bill… but, sometimes circumstances conspire against you. And so it was that, due to a scheduling conflict, as Belfast’s own Overoth (pictured left) took to the …

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Bloodshot Dawn – Interview with Janne Jaloma

Bloodshot Dawn band photo

Bloodshot Dawn have just completed the three-date Irish leg of their tour supporting their just-released second album, ‘Demons’ (reviewed here:  Following the third and final night in Belfast, your intrepid PM interviewer ventured into the rather chaotic dressing room to share a beer and a chat with the band’s …

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Trucker Diablo launch Pledge campaign for new album

Trucker Diablo

They’ve found the keys, they’ve given the Big Truck a service, and they’re ready to put it back out on show… As exclusively revealed here on PlanetMosh earlier this month, Northern Ireland’s favourite hard rockers, Trucker Diablo, are back in action after an eight month hiatus. Following on from the …

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Brujeria return with new album

Brujeria promo pic

Atencion cabrones… one of the most underground of underground metal acts are returning to action! Masked Mexican banditos Brujeria have once more emerged from hiding, signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and are poised to release a new album next year. In typically mysterious Brujeria style, that is all …

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Metal Moth – ‘Rise’ EP

Metal Moth artwork

In battle, in life, in the music business, there is nothing like having a plan of attack to help you achieve what you want to get out of any or all of them… and you certainly cannot fault Newcastle noiseniks Metal Moth for not planning ahead, with this debut EP …

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Bloodshot Dawn – ‘Demons’

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons artwork

I first came across Bloodshot Dawn around about 18 months ago, when they played in front of a pretty small crowd in a tiny club here in Belfast, opening for the extremely disappointing Scar Symmetry in a gig which proved that some bands really should be more careful as to …

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Alestorm – Belfast, Mandela Hall, 17/10/2014

Alestorm live in Belfast 2014

According to historical records, pirates (at least in their commonly perceived historical incarnation) may have sailed into many ports but they never quite ventured as far north as Britain – and certainly never as far as the shores of what, at that time, would have been Carrickfergus Bay. However, British …

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Sentinel – ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’

When I first came across young Armagh metallians Sentinel, opening a charity gig in Belfast, I must admit that I wasn’t overly impressed:  but then, as I said, they are young (drummer Jordie Kelly is still only 15!) and it was only their third ever live performance… Move the clock …

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Selene – ‘Paradise Over’

Selene - Paradise Over artwork

Sometimes, no matter how well you think you know your local music scene, you suddenly find you don’t know it quite so well as you did, as something comes completely out of left field and makes you ask “where the fuck did that come from?”. In this case, I had …

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SynaptiK – ‘The Mechanisms Of Consequence’

SynaptiK - album cover

Definitely – and defiantly – one of the most impressive acts to have taken to the New Blood Stage at this past summer’s Bloodstock, East Anglia’s SynaptiK have subsequently produced a debut album that is fervent, fresh and vibrant in equal measure. Straddling, with consummate ease, the death, groove, progressive …

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Andrew W.K. – PlanetMosh exclusive interview

Andrew WK

It’s very rarely that PlanetMosh finds itself in a room filled with plush velvet-covered armchairs and rich mahogany woodwork, adjacent to a bar that serves the most expensive cocktail in these islands – a Mai Tai which will set you back a mere £1,000!  Yet, here we are:  nestled in one …

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Cruachan to release new album in December

Cruachan artwork

Irish folk metallers Cruachan will released their seventh studio album – their first for the specialist folk, medieval and pagan metal label, Trollzorn Records – on December 5. ‘Blood For The Blood God’ – the artwork for which is pictured right – will carry on the ‘blood’ trilogy begun with …

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Darkest Era – Belfast, Limelight 2, 04/10/2014

Darkest Era live at Belfast Limelight

One complaint which is often articulated about many bands on the Northern Ireland scene is that they over-expose themselves – playing the same venues week in week out, so that the novelty (if there is any) quickly wears off.  This is most certainly a criticism which cannot be levelled in …

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Stereo Nasty interview – Belfast 04/10/2014

Dublin retro metal crew Stereo Nasty played their first ever live gigs this weekend, when they opened for Darkest Era on the latter’s first homesoil headline gigs for more than two years… talk about a baptism of fire! PM grabbed a quick chat with the band following the second of …

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Bloodshot Dawn release video for ‘Smoke And Mirrors’

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons artwork

After debuting the track at Bloodstock earlier this summer, Bloodshot Dawn have now released ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, the first track to be taken from their forthcoming second album, ‘Demons’, which itself is due for release on October 26. Frontman Josh McMorran said of the video: “It’s a play through …

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