Andrew W.K. – PlanetMosh exclusive interview

Andrew WKIt’s very rarely that PlanetMosh finds itself in a room filled with plush velvet-covered armchairs and rich mahogany woodwork, adjacent to a bar that serves the most expensive cocktail in these islands – a Mai Tai which will set you back a mere £1,000!  Yet, here we are:  nestled in one of the aforesaid armchairs in the lavishly appointed room in the world-famous Merchant Hotel and cradling, not a ridiculously expensive cocktail but a rather nice glass of chilled tap water (probably equally stupidly priced – but, hey, we’re not picking up the tab!) across the table from the world’s only self-professed professional party animal, the one and only Andrew W.K.

Unusually, the Californian is playing a flying visit to these shores not to promote a new album or play a secret gig (although he treats fellow partiers to a DJ set later in the evening), but to deliver the keynote address at a music conference organised by Belfast City Council.  We nevertheless took the opportunity to meet up with the hard-rockin’ man-in-white to get some of his inside knowledge on the music business, and especially how it has changed in the digital age, how he has placed his career in the hands of destiny – and how this impacts on the possibility of some new AWK product coming our way for the first time since 2010 – and his thoughts on a certain glacial desert…

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