Trucker Diablo launch Pledge campaign for new album

They’ve found the keys, they’ve given the Big Truck a service, and they’re ready to put it back out on show…

As exclusively revealed here on PlanetMosh earlier this month, Northern Ireland’s favourite hard rockers, Trucker Diablo, are back in action after an eight month hiatus.

Following on from the release of a new single, ‘Party Like They Started The
End of the World’, the band have now launched a Pledge campaign for their next album, ‘Rise Above The Noise’, to be released next year.

There is some bad news for the band’s fans, though:  bassist Glenn Harrison has decided to leave the band, who will continue as a three-piece for the meantime.

Trucker Diablo went on hiatus at the end of February, due to health issues affecting close family members.  The decision was taken after guitarist/vocalistSimon Haddock announced he was leaving to concentrate on looking after his two children.  However, as fellow guitarist/vocalist Tom Harte explained to PM, nothing in life is set in stone:

“As the situation has developed during the hiatus period, and with the band not committing to playing a lot of shows, Simon is very much still part of the band and contributed to some of the new songs destined for ‘Rise Above The Noise’.

“However, during the time off, Glenn has decided life holds other opportunities for him now, and while he is proud of what Trucker achieved, he has decided to leave the band and will not feature on the new album. [We] will not be looking for a permanent replacement just yet and [we] wish our buddy Glenn well for the future.  He will be missed!”

Tom also explained why the band had decided to go down the crowd funding route:

Trucker Diablo“Well having previously released albums on Ripple Music and Bad Reputation in different markets, the band decided that Pledge would be the best option for this project.  Given that we will still be restricted on what shows we can do due to family health situations, we felt keeping a new album close, between us and the fans, would be the best option and possibly remove any pressure to get out and promote and sell copies.  Now, we can release this, and as time and situations allow, we will play a few gigs in 2015.

“With ‘The Devil Rhythm’ and ‘Songs of Iron’, we played many many shows at our favourite venues and festivals like The Diamond Rock Club, to Rock n Blues Festival, Steelhouse and of course Download, to opening for bands like Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy and Black Stone Cherry… The situation is different right now, so as gig offers come in we’ll assess what we can and can’t manage at the time. However, it’s become clear, we will keep writing new music, hopefully the fans will get behind this Pledge campaign and we’ll get the album out there.  It’s written, it’s been demoed in my Rock Shed:  time for the Big Truck to start Rollin’ again!”

Fans can sign up to the Pladge campaign at

You can follow developments at and @truckerdiablo on Twitter.

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