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On 28 April 2020
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An absolute must for all lovers of Hard Rock, a true classic in the making





Swiss hard rock exponents The Order return with their sixth and most powerful album to date, in the shape of Supreme Hypocrisy


As you look back and reflect on how many Rock and Metal bands you must have listened to over the decades, sometimes you think to yourself how a certain band aren’t right at the top of the tree, considering the quality of output they have produced on a consistent basis. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The Order

I must admit, I came to the party late as far as these guys were concerned, reviewing their fourth album 1986 way back in 2012 was a real eye opener. Rock’N’Rumble followed in 2016, which whilst a good solid offering, didn’t kick things on as perhaps it should have done. However, with latest creation Supreme Hypocrisy, the band are firing on all cylinders and taking things to a completely new level


For a start Supreme Hypocrisy is a heck of a lot harder and sharper than previous albums, whilst the band retain their retro, classic Metal sound, this record sounds, dare I say, more serious. As the distorted guitar intro of ’The Show’ feeds through the speakers, evolving swiftly to a galloping riff, you know this going to be good. Diving straight into the title track, with its Priest Painkiller vibe riff, bouncing you off the walls as it marches along. The melodic master class of ‘Back To Reality’ follows, with a classic late 80’s feel, led by the amazing vocals of Gianni Pontillo, and a hole tearing solo from guitarist Bruno Spring, a finer trio of tracks fed back to back you would struggle to find anywhere. Amazingly, things get even better as the spine tingling melodic loveliness of ‘Dreams Are Not The Same’ grabs you and demands that you get up and dance, reminding me of classic Kingdom Come in parts, this is Rock at its finest, chugging guitars, chest beating vocals and such a good time feel. The album continues as a conveyor belt of riffs and melodic mastery, firstly with ’No Messiah’, which is just jaw dropping in its catchiness and brilliance. The feel good factor of stomper ’August In Miami’ is totally infectious, whilst the dirty groove of ’Where I Come From’ is pure filth


It’s funny that I’ve fallen in love with all the melodies, riffs and Metal up to this point on the album and then the piano and vocal beauty of ’Sometimes’ reduces me to an emotional wreck , song writing at its pure and undiluted best. Momentary rest bite however, as the Slayeresque intro of ’Only The Good Die Young’ builds into a crescendo of catchy hooks and head melting riffage. If ever a song was penned to close an album in style, then this it, captivating from beginning to end


Listening to this album has been pure joy on every level, I honestly didn’t think they could better past album 1986 but they have. Superb writing, performance , production, you name it, it’s got it in bucket loads


This is an absolute must for every Hard Rock fan out there, easily the best album I’ve heard this year




Recommended Track – Supreme Hypocrisy

Track Listing ;

1. The Show
2. Supreme Hypocrisy
3. Back To Reality
4. Dreams Are Not The Same
5. Save Yourself
6. No Messiah
7. August In Miami
8. Where I Come From
9. Sometimes
10. Only The Good Die Young

Band Line Up ;

Gianni Pontillo – Vocals
Bruno Spring – Guitars
Andrej Abplanalp – Bass
Mauro “Tschibu” Casciero – Drums

‘Supreme Hypocrisy’ is released via Massacre Records on May the 22nd


An absolute must for all lovers of Hard Rock, a true classic in the making

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