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Goblins Blade

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On 18 May 2020
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Undiluted classic Metal, this could well become a diamond




German Power Metal champions Goblins Blade unleash their hard hitting debut album in the form of “Of Angels And Snakes”


It’s great to come across a band you haven’t heard before, and especially one as good as Goblins Blade. The band tread a tried and tested path of pure classic Metal, with more than a knowing nod to the heady riff laden days of Priest et al, there is however, more than enough talent on show to see that this is very much a band forging ahead with their own indomitable style and persona


Setting a marker down straight away with the whirlwind opener ’Snakes From Above’, it’s not difficult to see how good the whole album promises to be as track after track unfolds. The vocals of Florian Reimann ripping through the speakers on the slightly slower paced ‘Pay For Your Sins’ is top notch and annoyingly catchy as the chest beating riffs power proceedings along. ‘Blink Of An Eye’ has an almost Maidenesque vibe about it as the chugging rhythm section comes at you relentlessly . ‘Final Fall’ which featured on the bands 2019 EP sits well within the albums frame, whilst ‘When The Night Follows The Day’ features a headbangers dream of a riff backed up by an addictive fist pumping chorus. Indeed the whole package delivers on all levels, giving you more Metal than your recommended daily allowance requires, and sounding highly polished as well


With everything going on in the world at this moment in time, its records like this that can really lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face, and as the rallying cries of album closer ’Call For Unity’ fade into the night, as a Metal fan you feel a damn sight better for having taken this journey


If you enjoy a hefty dose of denim and leather clad escapism, towering riffs and soaring vocals, then here it is on a plate


Recommended Track – Final Fall

Track Listing ;

1. Snakes From Above
2. Pay For Your Sins
3. Blink Of An Eye
4. Final Fall
5. Utopia
6. When The Night Follows The Day
7. The Bell Is Broken
8. Fall Into Darkness
9. Call For Unity

Line Up ;

Florian Reimann – Vocals
Jörg M. Knittel – Lead Guitar
Claudio Enzler – Guitar
Roberto Palacios – Bass
Claudio Sisto – Drums

The album is released via Massacre Records on the 26th of June




Undiluted classic Metal, this could well become a diamond

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