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On 31 August 2020
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A majestic offering of undiluted Metal

The stars seem to have aligned once more, as Elmsfire release their long awaited new album , ‘Wings Of Reckoning’

Formed over 20 years ago now, the band has seen a few line up changes along the way but the core of guitarists, Doro and Germano remain. Now with a full compliment in the ranks once more, ‘Wings Of Reckoning’ is ready to be let loose

As the distant tribal drums ring out, and the Demonic ramblings blast forth from the intro, you kind of get a feeling of what to expect, as opening track proper, ‘Camazotz’ storms into the room with all the subtlety of a brick, galloping along as it does, with riff after riff and wave after wave of soaring vocals and guitar licks. The track kind of sets the tone for the whole show really, ’Croghan’ another highlight in the same vein, albeit with a much catchier chorus

I was more than pleasantly surprised with how melodic the album was, with rip roaring chants and sing a long choruses a plenty, bolstered by some seriously good song writing. It’s clearly evident that Elmsfire are in a good place at the moment, the vibe that comes across is one simply of a band enjoying what they do, and doing it well

’Maelstrom’ is a track I was drawn back to again and again, Priest like in places and with one of the longest Metal screams I’ve ever heard on record! But in reality, you could visit any number of the tracks on offer, ’Leviathan’ another example, and get your boxes ticked. The album also features a couple of covers just to mix things up, the pick of which, in my view, was a cracking rendition of Slayer’s ‘Crionics’

All in all, Elmsfire have delivered an excellent album of old school Metal, that you can not help but fall in love with. No let up from start to finish, superb vocals, excellent musicianship, what more could you ask for

Recommended Track – Maelstrom

Track Listing;

El Murciélago de la Muerte (Intro)
A Pirate’s Manifest
Killer Of Giants (Cover: Ozzy Osbourne)
Drop Dead
The Conjunction
Rise From Tartarus
Crionics (Cover: Slayer)
Mouth Full Of Sand
Phenomena (Cover: Goblin – Horrormovie Soundtrack)

Band Line Up;

Doro – Guitars and Bass
Germano – Guitars and Bass
Martin – Drums
Bobby – Vocals

‘Wings Of Reckoning’ is released on September the 25th


A majestic offering of undiluted Metal

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