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On 31 August 2020
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You've been thunderstruck by Thundermother!


Thundermother, a new band to me and another that has slipped past my radar, even though this all female four piece founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Heat Wave is their fourth studio album currently released by AFM Records.

It’s an absolute banger of an album which wears its heart on its sleeve with a full on headbanging boogie. For a reviewer, sometimes anything over ten tracks can be distracting but these thirteen numbers are definitely not unlucky for the band!

The riffs hit hard and heavy from the off as ‘Loud And Alive’ is a bluster of beer swilling barroom boogie backed by a rabble rousing, get your party started lead vocal from Guernica Mancini. It’s a hairy headbanging album opener.

Earworm guitar lines fight for the spotlight with a seismic main riff that drives the choruses along in ‘Dog From Hell’ that are beefed up with band backing vocals and mighty “Whoa oh oh’s”.

They take their feet off the accelerator so as ‘Back in 76’ can pound and pound with choruses of “Hey girls get your kicks, join the train of 76. Hey girls get your kicks, as back in 76”.

They tear it up throughout ‘Into The Mud’. A turbocharged tirade vocal tells of their dedication to performing, an example being “Been a good day in the open air, rain and mud freaking everywhere. We don’t care, we’ll play our show, don’t matter if it’s rain or snow”. Musically it’s all air guitar inducing grooves, a speaker rattling bass guitar solo and wailing guitar wah-wah.

The album title track is bass guitar driven belligerence that lightens up for the sugar sweet choruses.

‘Sleep’ is a ballad with balls, the heart melting vocal is enchanting and the majestic choruses are stadium filling.

The NWOBHM tinged main riff for ‘Driving In Style’ grabbed me from the off as it heads off into no frills heavy rock and a raging guitar solo midway.

Guitar overload throughout ‘Free Ourselves’ turn it into a metal monster with thought provoking lyrics of how to stand up for what we believe in.

Feel good party vibes are blasted out in ‘Mexico’. Point proven by lyrics of “Zero of fucks, bottle of sins, shot of tequila, I’m going in”.

Keyboards wash all over ‘Purple Sky’, another heavy ballad with autobiographical lyrics delivered with 100% conviction!

‘Ghosts’ is a musical aftershock to shake your foundations with unrelenting riffing.

Lung busting put up or shut up lyrics and intense dynamics make ‘Somebody Love Me’ the heaviest track here musically and emotionally.

They go for the throat once more with closing track ‘Bad Habits’. It’s a chomping at the bit chugger full of vitriolic vocals.

The band proclaim that “Thundermother don’t just play rock and roll. Thunder are rock and roll”. Heat Wave certainly backs up their bravado!

Heat Wave album track listing :-

Loud And Alive.

Dog From Hell.

Back in 76.

Into The Mud.

Heat Wave.


Driving In Style.

Free Ourselves.


Purple Sky.


Somebody Love Me.

Bad Habits.

Thundermother band line up :-

Guernica Mancini – Lead vocals.

Majsan Lindberg – Bass guitar.

Filippa Nancini – Guitar.

Emelie Johannson – Drums.

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You've been thunderstruck by Thundermother!

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