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Miracle Flair

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On 30 March 2020
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An album that takes Miracle Flair soaring to new heights


The Swiss melodic metal band, Miracle Flair return with their third full length offering in the shape of ‘Synchronism’


Some albums, you just can not wait to get your hands on and dive into. From my perspective, this was surely one of them, previous release ‘Angels Cast Shadows’ having really shown great promise, and set such high standards. Fronted by the extremely talented Nicole Hartmann, who whilst always having had a really versatile vocal range, seems to have been able to take things to a much higher level on this occasion, often displaying a much harder and grittier edge to her sound. The guitar work of Daniel Maurizi is quite sublime in places, striking a perfect balance between killer riffs and soaring melodies,all of which lend to give the album a really uplifting and positive element, the track ‘Torn Inside’, I felt, was a good example.


Another feature of the album is the great use of Synth, having an enviable ability to switch from the retro tones on tracks like ‘Presence Of Death’, to the more modern leanings displayed on ‘Torture Myself’, all coming together to create a really well balanced sound. However, it’s on the Digipak Bonus Track ’In Love And Hate’ (Retrowave Remix) that the retro sound shines through like nowhere else, a feel that is bang out of the late 80’s,and which is unlike any other track on the album, yet still manages to blend really well with the overall concept of the record


Production wise, the record is pretty much faultless, not surprising when you see that Tommy Vetterli (69 Chambers) was involved, adding a quality gloss to the finished article


Make no mistake, this is still a hard hitting metal album, with plenty of head banging and fist throwing moments to keep all metalheads more than happy, but Miracle Flair just seem to have taken things up a notch in terms of composition and song structure, making it an album that should appeal to a much wider audience as the melodies are really catchy and utterly addictive in places , and with Nicole’s simply dominant performance, this record can only enhance the bands reputation even further

Recommended Track – The Untold

Track Listing ;

1. The Untold
2. Synchronism
3. What Remains
4. Torn Inside
5. Presence Of Death
6. Torture Myself
7. Dying Existence
8. In Charge
9. In Love And Hate
10. Lost In The Void
11. Echo Of Fears
12. In Love And Hate (Retrowave Remix) [Digital Only

Recording Line Up ;

Nicole Hartmann – Vocals
Daniel Maurizi – Guitars
Diego Rapacchietti – Drums
Emmi Lichtenhahn – Bass
Erik Damköhler – Keys

‘Synchronism’ is released through Massacre Records on the 3rd of April





An album that takes Miracle Flair soaring to new heights

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