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On 4 December 2021
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The Language Of Curiosity album released on Supertone Records is superlatively supersonic!

So one of my final reviews this year sees 2021 end in a fairytale dream come true courtesy of Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell who fell in love onstage and married following a whirlwind musical romance. Their recently released The Language Of Curiosity album was written, recorded, engineered, played and produced on their own independent label Supertone Records. It follows their debut album Blueberry Pie, nominated for a European Blues Award in November 2017.

Both of them are multi instrumentalists and the album was created with vintage instruments and microphones that provides a rich, warm finish, point proven by opening track ‘Distant Land’, a snappy snare drum driven slice of luscious blues. Bubbling bass guitar from Suzy pins down the earworm guitar prowess of Simon as his jabbing riffs precede smooth fretboard forays.

A big slice of party starting rhythm and blues comes from ‘Gaslight’ so put on your dancing shoes for some big T. Rex like riffs, gritty vocals and wiry guitar lines are aided by cool piano.

The opening drum beats of the album title track strangely had me humming the KISS classic ‘I Want To Rock And Roll All Night And Party Every Day’. It’s an upbeat rocker with some serious twang! A twin vocal adds a cool lustre and prominent bass guitar does likewise. It ends on a heart melting refrain of “Just to know you, found you. For a moment, in time came from nothing, everything. Just to know you, this time”.

‘Bad Sign’ is a mellow ballad but the lyrics pack a punch as they portray the pitfalls of the music industry. A laid back midsection sees Suzy croon over a fleet fingered acoustic guitar solo.

Another sumptuous ballad comes via their recent single ‘Take Time To Grow Old’ confirming that life is too short so grab it while we can. It’s a moving song of mellow keyboards and a twin vocal of “Take time to grow old, there’s no need to fade away. Don’t give up they always say, before you’re gone”. It ends on a bombastic guitar solo and quaint piano.

A ‘You Really Got Me’ like main riff lights the fuse for ‘Said So’, a truly classic rock headbanger that heads into vintage Deep Purple territory of hefty hammered Hammond organ and outrageous guitar.

‘It Ain’t Right’ has an ear caressing spotlight stealing solo vocal from Suzy as the lyrics highlight the futility of discrimination.

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ is not a Queen cover but a Stones tinged rabble rouser with a main riff to die for. Nudge nudge, wink wink lyrics include “Smell leather in the back of my car, come and squeeze me. In the morning, breakfast at 10, please believe me”.

Another bittersweet heartbreaker comes from ‘Lay It Out On Me’. It’s achingly sparse as every note is delivered with emotion.

This enthralling album closes on ‘Ride On Cowboy’ that highlights the pitfalls of online dating but with tongue in cheek humour. Metronomic drum beats drive the first verse towards quirky grooves and bullish bass guitar, fiery guitar, keyboards, all backed by a smooth Suzy lead vocal.

The Language Of Curiosity is available on CD format, all digital platforms but the 180gm vinyl not until May 2022.

Purchase links to the album and band info are here :- I I I I I I I

The Language Of Curiosity album track listing :-

Distant Land.


Language Of Curiosity.

Bad Sign.

Take Time To Grow Old.

Said So.

It Ain’t Right.

Stone Cold Crazy.

Lay It Out On Me.

Ride On Cowboy.

The Language Of Curiosity album released on Supertone Records is superlatively supersonic!

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