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On 9 April 2018
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Their finest work to date, and one of the best albums you will buy this year

69 Chambers return after a six year absence with their new album ‘Machine’

Can you believe that it’s six long years since ‘Torque’ burst through your speakers, what an album that was, storming Rock/Metal at its best, and an album that I still listen to regularly. Frustratingly however, time dragged on and although the band were keeping themselves busy,( Nina Vetterli Treml  with her passion for all that is automotive, Tommy Vetterli successfully resurrecting  Coroner)I was beginning to think that the final bow had been taken. Thankfully though it seems the long wait was worth it

Kicking off with ‘Deceleration’ I instantly had that hair’s on the back of my neck moment, an incredibly catchy chorus that sticks in your head for days, and opening with an Eastern tinged vibe that is just mesmeric. Followed by the much darker ‘F.Y.L.’ (meaning Fuck You List), you get a sense of the depth of personal experience presented in the lyrics, as Nina vents a good chunk of frustrations. ’Machine’ as a title track is just so fitting, epic guitar soloing, tight as a nut drumming and a riff that is as finely tuned as the supercar image that the song conjures

Whilst without doubt a Metal album, ‘Machine’ is an incredibly diverse affair offering Gothic elements mixed with Doom laden parts (Who Am I) right through the spectrum to the more Hard Rock, hard hitting tunes such as ‘Happiness’. However within each individual track you will find a great melting pot of ideas and influences, all bubbling away and producing something really refreshing and different, no more evident than on the wonderfully manic ‘Métamorphose’ , and the stunning ‘Loaded Gun’ (my personal favourite at this moment in time)

Amazingly good from start to finish, ‘Machine’ is a sleek purring V8 of an album, each track as strong as the previous, and without doubt a contender for album of the year

Recommended Track – ‘Deceleration’


Track Listing ;

  1. Deceleration
  2. F.Y.L.
  3. Machine
  4. Little Bird Of Death
  5. Who Am I
  6. Happiness
  7. Métamorphose
  8. Loaded Gun
  9. Chemical Poetry
  10. Quantum Wave
  11. Serpent Of Hypocrisy


69 Chambers are;


Nina Vetterli-Treml – Vocals & Bass

Tommy Vetterli – Guitar

Diego Rapacchietti – Drums


‘Machine’ roars out of the Massacre Records showroom on May 25th





Their finest work to date, and one of the best albums you will buy this year

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