TO/DIE/FOR. “Samsara” cd review.

I had to pinch myself earlier when I realised that these guys have been around since’99, seems like no time ago that they burst on the scene with “All Eternity”, an album I still give a whirl to now and again. However, following the equally as good “Wounds Wide Open” release of 2006, things didn’t go to plan to put it mildly, and without going into details, the band to all intents and purposes ceased to exist.
In many ways that enforced break served to perhaps show the band members what they once had, and although with a changed line up they return, rising from the ashes like Lazarus grabbing the tail feathers of a Phoenix with an album of majestic quality.
Opener “Kissing The Flames” sets the tone perfectly with it’s Paradise Lost/Pain vibe, followed later by the equally as melodic “Cry For Love”, which leads into my personal album fave “Death Comes In March”, an acoustic track filled with such power and emotion that it is nigh impossible not to be affected by its sheer melancholy beauty.
The 7 minute plus track “Folie A Deux” though, perhaps showcases what this band are all about with it’s soaring guitar work, prog tinged keyboards and superb choral backing, creating a Melodic/Doom/Gothic masterpiece.

Only after listening to this album do you fully appreciate how good these boys are, and without wishing to dwell on the past, how utterly frustrating it’s been having to wait nearly 7 years for this record to surface. Credit therefore to the band for coming back to the table and delivering one of Gothic Metal’s highlights of the year.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Kissing The Flames.
2. Damned Rapture.
3. Cry For Love.
4. Death Comes In March.
5. Folie A Deux.
6. Hail Of Bullets.
7. Love’s A Sickness.
8. Raving Hearts.
9. Oblivion: Vision.
10. Someday Somewhere Somehow.
11. Bonus Track : Lovesong.

To/Die/For are;
Jape Von Crow – Vocals.
Antti – Matti Talala – Guitar.
Juppe Sutela – Guitar.
Eza Viren – Bass.
Juska Salminen – Keyboards.
Matti Huopainen – Drums.


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