No Mans Legion EP Launch Review 04/08/2012

Tonight’s original line up of Fire in the Empire, No Mans Legion and Deceiver has changed so much in the two weeks leading up to the gig that unfortunately on the night only No Mans Legion [7/10] actually turn up to play their own EP launch. With doors held back an extra hour, and a crowd growing ever impatient outside – it was down to the Chorley based ten legged riff machine to deliver one of the best shows of their lives and by god did they try their hardest. Opening with the tracks ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Legion’ in which lead vocalist Harry Treadwell’s vocals are regrettably drowned out by the musical onslaught around him, No Mans Legion get off to a ropey and somewhat loose start, having to alter sound levels between songs until they finally achieve their monstrous, rip roaring, high octane fuelled sound around three tracks in.

‘Inferno’ is up next and although it is completely different to anything else in No Mans Legion repertoire, being much heavier and more aggressive than the rest of the songs in the set, it manages to ignite those who have never seen or heard this band before into a frenzy of moshing and headbanging. It’s clear from this song alone that No Mans Legion are the masters of the stage, with guitarist Evan Russel and bassist Josh Kirkman bouncing up and down in time to the heavy breakdown present in the song. For No Mans Legion it’s clearly not just about the sound, it’s about the stage show and getting everyone involved.

This isn’t No Mans Legion crowd and even though the covers of ‘Killing in the Name Of’, ‘Gay Bar’ and an amazing rendition of ‘The Game’ by Motorhead get people moving, most of the time people are stationary, standing at the back with their arms folded and talking to one other – even despite Harry’s efforts to get them down the front to start a massive circle pit. It’s such a shame to see such a poor turnout of hardcore No Mans Legion fans and although at first the low numbers dishearten the band, their performance tonight shows that they will not be put off by playing to a small crowd, delivering  as awesome a performance as their previous sets at The Manchester Academy, Gillibrand Arms and Tache.

With their own original songs ‘Push It’ and ‘Run and Hide’ bringing up the rear of the set, No Mans Legion end on a superbly high note, delivering perfect rendition’s of these two fan favourites that have people singing along at the top of their voices to these modern metal anthems. Although this was not No Mans Legion’s finest hour, their EP launch tonight shows that they are a band who can cope under problems and a lifeless crowd. It’s such a shame but hopefully their next gig will be as destructive as previous ones I have had the honour experiencing… “WE ARE MANY, WE ARE LEGION”.

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