Fire in the Empire – To the Thinking Man’s Horror EP review

Chorley based metal band Fire in the Empire have just released their astounding debut EP entitled, To the Thinking Man’s Horror and it will come with a shock to find out that this North Western four piece have only been together for just less than two years. An EP jammed full of tight, soaring dual lead guitar licks, pounding drum lines and powerful, yet expressive vocals – To the Thinking Man’s Horror is a must have for anybody who calls themselves a “metal head”, in fact a must have for anybody who likes music, as Fire in the Empire may have released one of the finest classic metal albums of the year thus far!

The EP is made up of four larger than life metal anthems that will have you: Pumping your fist, banging your head and singing along to these driving, pulsating pieces of musical perfection. Every musical part interlinks to form a tight, well oiled machine that smashes through your speaker in tracks such as the fast paced pump of ‘Twisted Tale’ and the powerful title track ‘To the Thinking Man’s Horror’.  It’s this fiery energy and firm sound that makes To the Thinking Man’s Horror as good as it is and Fire in the Empire have managed to communicate and channel all this energy into all of the songs on the EP as well as in their live shows.

There is an almost progressive element to the songs on To the Thinking Man’s Horror and with long drawn out musical introductions, technical guitar solos and a variation in speeds and volume, Fire in the Empire manage to fully show off all of their musical talent and flare in tracks such as ‘Fear and Time’ (Which sounds like the opening to the Terminator movies) and ‘Break Away’. By combining elements of thrash metal, speed metal and prog rock – Fire in the Empire have produced a well rounded record that because of its diversity and difference, will appeal to lots of people.

Behind amazing music, there should be an album artwork that is just as magnificent. However with To the Thinking Man’s Horror, the album artwork is somewhat dull and bland. There is nothing eye catching or memorable about it and it’s this small attention to detail that has let Fire in the Empire down with this EP. If someone who had never heard of the band was to see this album on a shelf at the local CD store it is quite clear that they wouldn’t purchase it as it doesn’t stand out! This may be a small flaw to the album, but it is important for Fire in the Empire to consider in the future if they are to make it big!

Fire in the Empire are one of the UK’s hottest up and coming metal bands, and To the Thinking Man’s Horror is the EP that will get them the credit they deserve. Hopefully with a full album out by the end of the year (this time with a better album cover), we could be seeing the rise of one of the UK’s most promising melodic metal bands! [9/10]

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