No Mans Legion – Stand Your Ground EP review

No Mans Legion are a band who have slowly but surely been getting their name out there and putting their own little spark onto the scene. Now in June of 2012, the mighty Chorley based five piece have released the mother of all heavy metal albums. An EP chocked full of punchy guitar lines, huge anthem like choruses and thunderous, aggressive vocals – Stand Your Ground is one hell of a release, made up of five all killer, no filler originals and one astounding cover of ‘The Game’ by Motorhead. When you hear some of the songs on this record you will be gobsmacked to find out that these guys are still in high school. Yes; high school, and with album number one putting their songs up there with the likes of Drowning Pool and Lamb of God, it is clear that No Mans Legion have a long and prosperous musical career ahead of them.

There are elements of thrash metal, death metal and alternative metal throughout this EP, and it’s this diversity and eclectic mix of styles that makes No Mans Legion stand out from most bands trying to make it onto the scene. From the foot stomping pump of ‘Stand Our Ground’ to the chant along, fan favourite that is ‘Push It’, No Mans Legion channel so much power, aggression and energy into all their songs, producing well rounded and catchy songs that you can’t help but remember due to their memorable choruses and brutal musicianship.

 Lead vocalist Harry Treadwell, is one hell of a metal vocalist. Sounding like what would happen if Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down fame and Jeffery Nothing from Mushroomhead got up on stage and performed Machine Head songs, Mr Treadwell has to be one of the most underrated vocalists of the 21st century, putting the likes of many a well established rock and metal vocalist to shame as he roars his bear like heart out in tracks such as ‘Legion’ and ‘Inferno’. Definitely a name to keep and eye out for in the next 5-10 years!

The thing that makes Stand Your Ground as good as it is though is the fact that No Mans Legion has bothered to spend time and money getting this EP recorded professionally and properly. Too many bands have tarnish their reputation by recording an album half heartedly and trying to take the cheap way round things, but you just have to listen to the mastering and crisp sound of tracks like ‘Run and Hide’ and the cover of ‘The Game’, to realise just how solid and dominant No Mans Legion’s songs sound, produced in this way.

Although the artwork has not been confirmed, Stand Your Ground will be available for digital download and physical CD format very soon. If you want a band that can deliver mind blowing, ear smashingly brilliant metal anthems – then No mans Legion are a band you need to add to your collection as soon as possible. Quite possibly one of the greatest bands to emerge from the UK metal scene, and Stand Your Ground has to be one of the greatest debut EP’s of the past ten years! [9/10]



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