Highlight Kenosis, “Change” cd.

Straight away I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’d not come across this band before, originating from Romania and now based in Germany they formed in 2008, and prior to this release have had one other album out “Glowing” which showcased their prog tinged Metal for the first time.
In some respects going into a review ‘blind’ as it were ,isn’t a bad thing, because you can’t have any pre conceptions about what lies in store, so I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening to this follow up, with it’s quite technical, sometimes experimental version of prog Metal but with more than a fair share of pop orientated hooks and melodies along the way.
Opener “Overture in D Minor” has an almost classical pop feel, before flowing neatly into a more Metal leaning “There Is No Secret”, a theme the remainder of the album follows, flicking between styles with each song all held together by Oana Maria Stoica’s haunting vocal style.
A very creditable and well worked album from a band I’m very pleased to have discovered.

Rating 7.5/10.

Track Listing.
1. Overture In D Minor.
2. There Is No Secret.
3. Change The World.
4. Interludio.
5. I Wish You Felt The Same.
6. Free From Agony.
7. Loving A Ghost.
8. Outro..With Angels.

Highlight Kenosis are;
Oana Maria Stoica – Vocals.
Matei Damian-Ulmu – Guitars.
Adi Sarni – Bass.
Dan Alexandru – Drums.

Out Now via Ravenheart Music.


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