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Grave Digger

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On 7 August 2012
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Live tracks are truly to die for. This is true heavy metal and because of bands like Grave Digger, heavy metal will never die!

Grave Digger where one of the first bands to emerge from the speed metal scene and since forming over 32 years ago have had a very prosperous and fruitful career, releasing 15 full length studio albums, 3 live DVD’s and numerous EP’s and singles – not to mention having played hundreds of shows all across the world. Now in 2012 just before the bands release of the highly anticipated album Clash of the Gods, Grave Digger have released a mini EP entitled Home at Last, containing some of the best tracks off of the upcoming album and a selection of some Grave Digger classics played live. This is an EP that is fuelled by fist in the air, balls out anthems; and that is what makes Grave Digger one of the most consistent, relevant and exciting metal bands going.

From the moment the cantering, battle hardened march of title track ‘Home at Last’ kicks in you know that this is a Grave Digger album. From its power chord laden riffs to lead vocalist, Chris Boltendahl’s high pitched throaty cries, the song is filled full of classic metal musicianship showing that  the old school style of doing things is still as relevant and fresh sounding today as it was back in the 80’s. This is Grave Digger at their upmost best and it’s because Grave Digger can still write a damn catchy song that makes ‘Home at Last’ has to be one of the best songs they have ever written!

Although the track ‘Rage of the Savage Beast’ isn’t as good as the other tracks on the album – sounding like something that has been pieced together in a rehearsal in about ten minute, the other new track ‘Metal Will Never Die’ is a real homage to what heavy metal stands for and what heavy metal is all about. If you aren’t singing along to the lyrics: “All for one and all for metal, metal will never die. We rock until the dawn, with endless power, metal will never die” after the first listen, then you are clearly listening to a different song. This is a track written to unite a crowd, getting them to sing together under one banner, and that banner is heavy metal.

The three live tracks on Home at Last are fan favourites ‘Excalibur’, ‘Ballad of a Hangman’ and ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ and although people may be wondering why the likes of ‘Rebellion’ and ‘The Battle of Bannockburn’ didn’t make the album, the three tracks picked clearly outline Grave Digger successful and rocking career. With a very clear sound letting you not only enjoy the band but also the crowd reaction, these three tracks are the perfect way to end this EP making it a must have for any hardcore Grave Digger fan.

If you are getting impatient of waiting of Clash of the Gods, then the best thing to do would be to go out this morning and buy Home at Last. It may only include two of the better tracks off of the upcoming album, but the live tracks are truly to die for. This is true heavy metal and because of bands like Grave Digger, heavy metal will never die! [7/10] [amazonmp3 asin=”B008OBR3ES”]

Live tracks are truly to die for. This is true heavy metal and because of bands like Grave Digger, heavy metal will never die!

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