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The Senton Bombs

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On 1 August 2020
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The Senton Bombs are definitely not out for a duck here.

This is a change of direction for Blackpool based The Senton Bombs with ‘Lake‘ the third single taken from their new album.

It took a while to fathom it out but repeated plays fished out hidden depths that captured me hook, line and sinker! It’s a hunting tale of a late night discovery beneath the surface of a lake!

Their usual feisty musical fisticuffs are replaced by a sort of spaghetti western vibe as they amble along for a languid four minutes. A hauntingly acoustic intro, backed by a pulsing drum pound back a lead vocal that oozes along on a dreamy drawl as the riffs heavy up midway towards a brief bluesy guitar solo.

It’s another excellent song currently available on all digital outlets, released on Regolith Records.

Purchase ‘Lake’ here

Senton Bombs band line up :-

Joey Class – Lead vocals/bass guitar.

Damien Kage – Guitar/backing vocals.

Johnny Gibbons – Guitar/backing vocals.

Scott Mason – Drums.

The Senton Bombs are definitely not out for a duck here.

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