THE ORDER – “1986” cd review.

Without wanting to give my exact age away, I remember 1986 very well, admittedly a large section of it was viewed through a drunken haze but I remember it nevertheless. A time when mobile phones came with a free wheelbarrow to carry the battery pack in, Ford Capri’s ruled the highways and the Metal world was treated to such album releases as AC/DC’s “Who Made Who”, Maiden’s “Somewhere In Time” and the almighty Slayer with “Reign In Blood”.
Hailing from Switzerland, and obviously in possession of a time machine The Order have succeeded in transporting me the humble listener back to the aforementioned year, and it sure sounds good.
The track “Long Live Rock N Roll” for example, screams Kiss, whilst “Damn Hot Chick” could have been written by Crue. That’s not to say that this is merely an album of soundalikes, far from it ,The Order have been smart enough to produce an album that enhances a sound rather than copies it. Classic foot stomping 80’s vibe anthems performed with a bang up to date production.
Vocalist Gianni Pontillo fair bursts a lung throughout, complimented by some insane guitar riffs courtesy of Bruno Spring, “Heart Breaking Rebel Blood” being a great example. The overall sound leans more to the American market rather than the U.K. or Europe, the Priestesque “Stop Lying In The Name Of Love” being the possible exception. However, the album has a great mix of tempo and range and stands tall as one of the best Heavy Metal releases of the year, which considering the band have only been recording since 2006 is testament to the quality within the band.
If, like me you’re a fan of solid old school Metal then this really is a no brainer, and an absolute must for the collection . Right, I’m off to splash on some Old Spice and watch The Two Ronnies, you in the mean time should go out and buy this album.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. The Power Of Love.
2. Long Live Rock N Roll.
3. Generation White Line.
4. Lonely Nights.
5. Fire It Up.
6. A Kiss Under The Rain.
7. Damn Hot Chick.
8. Heartbreaking Rebel Blood.
9. Why Dreaming Hollywood.
10. Stop Lying In The Name Of Love.

The Order are;
Gianni Pontillo – Vocals.
Bruno Spring – Guitars.
Andrej Abplanalp – Bass.
Mauro Casciero – Drums.

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