Cambion, pre-Bloodstock festival interview

Cambion are set to slay the New Blood Stage on Friday 10th at this year’s Bloodstock.

We catch up with the guys to find out more about them, what their are about, the festival and what you lucky Bloodstock go-er’s will see!


Can you introduce yourself?

We are Cambion, Consisting of members Elliott on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Frank on Drums and Vocals, Liam on Guitar and Colin on Bass. The band started in 2009 but we’ve had this line-up for just over a year now! In the way of the music we play is literally a bit of everything! We all take influences from all types of music, we are getting progressively heavier and technical each time we write !


Have you ever been to Bloodstock before? If so when and what did you enjoy most about it?

Myself,( Elliott), and Frank went to Bloodstock in 2010.That was probably the best line up for me as most of my influences were playing! Also the atmosphere was just amazing!


Why did you want to become part of the New Blood Stage line up?

Which metal band wouldn’t want to be part of the line up at one of the best festivals in the Uk?! We felt it would be an awesome experience, and a great opportunity to get our music out to a larger audience. For us, we just wanted to be  a part of something that we enjoy and believe in.


What was your initial reaction when you found out you where playing on the New Blood Stage?

I believe our reaction was ‘Holy fuck! We are playing at Bloodstock!’ Also we were all ecstatic, because we were awarded the opportunity to be part of something we love and support. It is a real step forward for us and we are so grateful for it.


What is your opinion of the Bloodstock lineup?

We all have our favourite bands, My best line up  (Elliott)was in 2010, but this year is darker and more brutal, bring it on! Who can complain with bands like Behemoth, Nile, Testament, Machine Head! This is going to be one hell of a festival!


What are you looking forward to most at Bloodstock?

Playing on the New Blood stage of course! Other than that, it’s got to be the atmosphere! Amazing bands, beer, friends and thousands of like minded people! What could be better than that!


What can the audience expect from you at the festival?

Heaviness, Technical Riffage and the best half an hour you have ever spent watching a band! No, seriously, they can expect what ever they like! All we know is we will give it everything we have for the crowd to enjoy themselves, without expectation, just dedication!


Can you sum up Bloodstock in one sentence….

Very very awesome!


Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers?

Thank you for reading and supporting Metal! Please check out our video, and come say hello to us at Bloodstock and have a beer with us! Keep an eye out for our new Ep and Merch coming in October/November, followed by a Uk Tour…


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