The Big Dirty – Under The Crimson Moon (Single)

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The Big Dirty

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On 22 May 2021
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The Big Dirty clean up their act with this powerful opus.

Back in the day before The Big Dirty came to be, two then well behaved members who never swore, rescued cats from trees, helped old ladies across the roads etc. recorded an EP that was not released. One of these songs was ‘Under The Crimson Moon’ which The Big Dirty have given it a good seeing to and released it as a single.

Behind all their potty mouthed antics there is (surprisingly) a serious side to these class clowns. The song is very poignant but still as heavy as a ton of bricks. It writhes and churns on catchier than an STD guitar lines, attention seeking drum patterns, bass guitar bullying grooves, shout it out loud and proud choruses all topped by a lead vocal of a melodic but a still menacing croon to a cathartic bark at the moon howl. This totally captivating song ends on unnerving mood swings.

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The Big Dirty band line up :-

Jonny Rocket – Wailer.

C Diddy – Axe.

JC – Hammer Fingers.

T Dawg – Drummer Boy.

The Big Dirty clean up their act with this powerful opus.

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